Monday, March 08, 2010

So it was that..

I have made the comment before, many times actually, that I cannot do things around the house by myself.  I need people around me, other than the munchkins, for me to get things done.  If its just me and the kids, I do everything I can to distract myself from the fact that I’m the only adult in the house. 

This house got BAD because we’ve been having so much fun with Miss we’ve done zilch.  No cooking, no cleaning just jabbering about yesterdays and morons.  Today we all decided was the day we go back to ‘work’.  And we did!  Between the three of us (yes three, more on that later), we managed to get more done than the two of us has ever managed in a few hours, and it took us like 45 minutes or so.

My kitchen is clean, my living room is almost completely clean, the dining room is clean.  It’s like a whole new house I kid you not.  And it has totally proved my point, that if I have Bo with me or Miss I can get things done because they keep me going.  I can’t keep myself motivated for jack.

Between Bo and Miss, I’ve done more today than I have in weeks, and since it wasn’t all that much, that’s saying something

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