Monday, March 08, 2010

Vlogging….not so easy we learned

We decided we must do vlogging last night.  By the time we actually did this, it was after 11.  That should have been our first indication that things would not go smoothly. 

Ever since this whole trip down has been planned, we’ve discussed what vlogs we’d do.  And we never really decided on anything other than we have to do more than one and have to tell the story of how we met.  That was the only things we could come up with.  So when we started last night, it became a video of us trying to find things to vlog about and how funny it was. 

Then Miss said a word that will not be repeated EVER on this blog and I turned to her with horror.  We are not saying her name, I told her, at which time she repeated her name two more times and said that to not say it gave her more power then she has. 

For about 30 minutes or so we talked and laughed, almost piddled ourselves many times, there was a grope and a kiss as well, when we decided that the video was probably long enough and we’d see what we could salvage.  Except there was nothing to salvage.  At 4 minutes in, my camera had too much of us, and went into a coma. 

I couldn’t turn it off, I couldn’t play or pause or anything.  The only thing that worked was taking the battery out and putting it back in.  Which deleted our 30 minutes of fantabulous material.  Miss looked at me and we both thought the same thing “She hexed the camera”.  No more mentioning the name, ever of this woman, hahahaha or she’ll hex my camera.  Are you giggling?  Cause I totally am.

But it doesn’t end there.  Because the video that we took after the coma, will not let me do anything to it.  It’s a 23 minute long video, and I can cut it down to 6 minutes, but I cannot save it.  I can’t do anything to it but watch it.  And I can’t email the videos, all that the other person gets is the audio.

Soooooo needless to say our vlogging hasn’t gone so well.  But we are not giving up.  This will not get us down, we refuse to let this win. 


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