Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The crap that is

So the last two days have been interesting.  Bo and I got into an argument yesterday in front of Miss, sorry about that.  Then this morning Bailey decides he hates me and will not mind.  Right now, my nerves are on edge, my mood is so sour my butt is puckering, and all I want is to go back to bed and it’s not even 8am yet.

The argument….Miss and I were talking about a guy we know, who we tolerate because his wife is like AWESOME.  Bo and I have known her for years and years, and Miss got the privilege of meeting her when they lived here 6 years ago.  Anywho, this guy, who before this incident and after, never stopped treating me with disrespect, rudeness and at times hatred, leaned into me and gave me a look.  You know that look?  That look that says I just noticed you and you look yummy.  I gave him a look of my own that said I don’t think so and where he could go, and moved on.  It was so insignificant that I forgot all about it until this couple came up in a convo and I told Miss about it.  Bo obviously got miffed because I didn’t tell him, although I swear I did.  In my defense it was so insignificant and didn’t change anything that I totally forgot about it so I may not have said anything to him.  Being my man, and any man that loves his wife, he is thoroughly aggravated that this guy did this, because it not only disrespected me, Bo, it disrespected our close friend.  But somehow this conversation got warped and twisted and we didn’t understand what the other was saying and totally had an argument in front of Miss for the first time.  Then last night as we’re trying to go to bed…way later than we should have, Bo brings it up to apologize for misunderstanding and a comment he’d made.  Instead of it being an its ok, this was an accident we both agree on this, lets move on thing we argued AGAIN.  Because again, he misunderstood and I misunderstood, but we both got that it wasn’t a good situation.  An hour and a half later we finally stop arguing and finally see that the other just saw the comment differently, it moved on to now I totally need new meds.  And about what I’m missing out on right this minute because the meds I’m on are not helping, nor are they making me feel good and be genuinely happy.  This morning I’m puffy eyed, and sad for the stupid argument, piffed at myself for not seeing that Bo truly misunderstood me, and hurt/upset that I once again need new meds.

The meltdown…I’m pretty sure I know where this comes from but I’m not sure, if that makes sense.  If not, deal with it I’m emotional right now.  Bailey has decided that he ‘forgets’ that he needs to flush the toilet after he uses the bathroom EVERYTIME.  It’s an ongoing conversation in my house.  And so is the “But I don’t like to flush” or “I just forgot Mama” or “But the toilet scares me when it flushes” or “I don’t want to and don’t have to” comments that come out of my sons mouth.  I hadn’t finished half of my coffee cup, I’m still emotional for the crap last night and now I get “I don’t want to flush”.  I admit, I could have handled it better, I think as a parent there are many things we can handle better, but wow what a way to start my already sour day.  He flushes, with much arguing and whining and I tell him if he doesn’t stop its timeout.  So he walks into the living room, lays on the floor, and proceeds to yell into the floor, and kick and hit the floor at the same time.  Oh hell no.  Instantly time out, I do not know where he has seen this, since he does not hang out with other kids often and I have never witnessed any of them doing this, but he does this all the f-ing time.  He also screams like he’s being beaten with a tree stump when you put him in time out, and of course Jocelyn hasn’t woken up for the day yet.  But he doesn’t listen to do not yell and wake your baby sister, he screams louder because THAT MAKES MORE SENSE.  The kicker was when Bo had to leave, because Bailey must watch people leave, especially Daddy.  And he couldn’t because he was in timeout and OMG you would have though I dipped him in acid with the way he was crying.  It broke his heart, but what could I do?  He was in timeout for treating me like poo, not minding and throwing a fit, he does not get the privilege of watching his Daddy leave for work.  After Bo walks out the door, I sit back down on the couch, pick up my half empty cup of coffee and look up, to see and hear him running down the hallway to his room.  Except he KNEW his ass was grass because he hid in his closet, instead of looking out the window.  I drug him back into the living room screaming and being ugly.  He got so loud, I was sure Jocelyn would start screaming in fear.  I then dragged him and his timeout chair into our bedroom, and shut him in my room to throw his fit. 

I’m on my second cup of coffee, my eyes are that puffy achy feeling from the crying last night, my heart aches from the argument yesterday and the topics that got brought up.  Its barely 8 now and I know this day is going to suck.



Anonymous said...

Hm hm.. that's quiet interessting but frankly i have a hard time visualizing it... I'm wondering what others have to say....

-MissC* said...

Well I can visualize it. Because I was here. And my poor Nicker-doodles had a rought day!
I think I have interupted little Bailey's world with my presence. I was awaken this morning just before 8 by him crying and screaming. But I stayed hidden in my room so that they could do the parenting thing in private.
You and Bo arguing was not a big deal either, BTW, please remember that you can always ask me to leave the room. I won't get offended. Really....you were both really tired and I think that it just made it harder to speak and listen.
PLUS you did have a rough pill day too. But the house still looks great, kids are happy and now tucked into bed, and you had a nice little nap.
We will try again tomorrow!! lol