Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You know you live in a SMALL town when…

When you go to two ‘grocery’ stores and neither have what you need!?!
Really tell me how this is possible because my little brain cannot fathom this.  We went looking for postcards for Miss.  Our first stop was Walgreens and I thought while there I’ll pick up the few things I needed, but they didn’t have those little ranch dressing packets.  Then I thought, hey we’ll skip driving all the way over to Walmart on the other side of town, we’ll stop here at this grocery store although I haven’t been in here since 1980 something.  Nope, no ranch dressing packets either. 
Those things aren’t like insane items!  They aren’t rare ingredients that should be in specialty stores.  THEY ARE FREAKING RANCH DRESSING PACKETS COME ON!! I want to make ranch dressing people, I don’t want the gunk in the bottle its just not as good. 
Bo gets to pick everything plus those damn packets that no one but Walmart seems to have.  Why didn’t I just go myself and get it all while I was out?  Cause they pissed me off for not having the packets…haha.

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