Monday, March 22, 2010

The Honest Scrap Award

For someone who has never received an award, a real legit award for my talents that I knew for a fact wasn’t a “well she’s the only one left so let’s give it to her” kind of thing, to receive an actual one is like touching a famous relic or inheriting a billion dollars. It’s AAAAAHHHHHHHH, if that helps you understand what’s going on in my head and how I’m feeling right now.

I have to say Nic, you made me smile, made me happy and totally killed the pissyness I had for what a week it’s been. Thank you a million times over for this. And if it is because I was the only one left to give it to, I don’t want to know, I’d rather pretend I was the first person you thought of, hehe. 

Honest Scrap Award is “for bloggers who put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul.” I’ve ran across a few blog awards on other’s blogs, but this is my favorite and my best (in Lola’s words from the cartoon Charlie and Lola, in case you haven’t seen it) since it’s my first, hehe. Per the rules, I have to share 10 honest, random and interesting facts about myself. Keep your fingers crossed I can come up with 10. ~It took me all day Sunday and part of this morning to finish this, to fill the spaces I had to bring up what I’ve already discussed. Sorry for the small book that awaits you~

1) I have a tattoo on the small of my back. Yup a tramp stamp, thank you very much. It’s a fairy, with huge, sweet butterfly wings that I came across once. The one I really wanted was huge, I was a chicken and scaled down. But I love it, it is an original drawing, no one (or they better not cause I was promised) else has it. There are two more fairy tats I want, but I can’t decide where or when to do it.

2) My first name is not Nikki or Nichole, and that’s all you will ever know, mwuahahahaha. Miss and anyone else who knows it KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT or face the consequence…

3) I have both Cherokee and Choctaw Indian heritage on both sides of my family tree, you can’t tell by my features. Yes I said Indian, I know some of you PC people will say its Native American and that’s fine, but all my life and my parent’s and up to those who were full blood, said Indian, that’s what I am and always will be. My Grandma (mom’s mom) was the only pale skinned blue eyed child out of 11 kids, the others were dark skin, hair and eyes, no way of hiding they were Indian. She took after her mother, as did mine and then me. I dye my hair now, I’m a blonde damnit, it’s not fair that over time it’s gotten darker, and now I’m considered a brunette.

4) I have this slight obsession with names. I think about them every day for no other reason than for stories. When we were going over names for our kids, hehe, I drove Bo nuts. Everyone has their own thing, like they want to use the same first or last letter of the name, or they like rhyming names, I go way further. I have a system; I check the local hospital’s baby list, the Top 50 names of the US and the top 50 of our state and the surrounding states. If a name is in the top 50 of any list or there are more than 2 babies born in 6 months in our area with that name, the name is nixed. We live in a small area, its normal to have 4 Jessica’s, 7 Lindsey’s, and 5 Jeff’s plus other multiples in a graduating class of 30 students. That bugs me, oh how it bugs me, so I do my research, and I’m very strict. Even if I love the name that’s #1, I can’t use it. If you ever need help naming a child or a pet, I’m your girl, LOL I have a notebook of names I’ve put together FOR FUN.

5) I LOVE pickles!! It’s a hot steamy love, I can think of pickles, I can see them and sometimes just walking by the fridge, my mouth puckers because I can taste it already. With both munchkins I sat down and ate two jars of pickles and pickled veggies in ONE sitting, and I still love them. I love them sour and hot, but not sweet, icky. The most important rule, I want only whole pickles. If I wanted it cut I’d cut it myself thank you very much. The flavor gets dulled when it’s pre-sliced, don’t argue I can tell the difference. I have tried pickled pig’s feet, soo not a fan of this one. But pickled eggs, they aren’t too bad. My top fav is pickles, then its pickled okra, and it goes from there.

6) My favorite movie of all time (sorry Miss) is Robin Hood Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner. Yes I know I know, he doesn’t even have a Brittish accent when everyone else does. I DON’T CARE. I’ve done my homework on Robin Hood, I know that according to most historians he didn’t exist, that it could be based on a few men or that it’s just a story to intrigue, that the documentation that we have was written years after he supposedly existed, and to make it really iffy is that the term Robin Hood meant criminal during this time. Whether it’s a he or they or it’s just for entertainment, I love the stories nonetheless. So, although this movie is based on the historical documents that do exist, it’s not accurate and to be honest not many historically based movies are, Hollywood loves to dramatize for the sake of drama. There are many things wrong in it, BUT I DON’T CARE. The scenery, the clothing (which is pretty on with the clothes compared to what Hollywood normally does) the drama, the love… And that scene where Kevin licks the feathered fletching, then it shows the arrow spinning toward the target, the rope hanging the little boy…Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio screaming ROBIN!!!...Christian Slater’s head tied to the barrel and is about to be beheaded, Kevin is trying to save him while fighting the guards. He takes a burning arrow out of a dead guard, and aims, you see his eye as he releases the arrow, the fire explosions behind him and then it hitting its target….its ORGASMIC that scene….ok going to watch that movie now.

7) Which leads into, our song is (Everything I Do) I Do It for You from this movie, sung by Bryan Adams. Yes corny I know but we both get worked up when we hear it….and since the fam reads this from time to time, that’s as far as I’m going.

8) I can’t stand things on my feet. If I could go without shoes every day I would. My feet are claustrophobic. One of Bo’s favorite things to do is wrap my feet in a blanket or hold my feet down by his hands or sitting on them. I can’t breathe, I kick, I wiggle, I gasp, it’s pretty bad. But hey he’s that against things touching his nipples, so all I have to do to get back at him is pretend to flick it and he cringes and squeals like a girl.

9) I cannot get enough of sweet tea! It’s my water. My favorite is Lipton-Ice tea blend, mainly because it’s what I grew up on. The few times I’ve tried other teas, the more herbal teas, I just can’t drink it, ugh it makes me gag sometimes. My palate isn’t all that sophisticated I know, bite me.

10) I’ve kissed a girl and I liked it – make sure you sing it like Katy Perry.

Now I get to pass this on to bloggers that I think are worthy of this award. I thought ooh this will be easy peasy to do, but I soon noticed I had every blog I follow listed, LOL. This is really hard, since I have more blogs that are just funny, there’s still heart and soul in them but I’m taking the rules literally, which means not meeting the 7 bloggers, but it’s that or everyone is listed. So to all the blogs I follow, I think you all deserve an award, I wouldn’t be reading your stuff if you didn’t.

For her amazing poetry, making me laugh, making me cry, for sharing her struggles with her marriage, her PCOS and PTSD, motherhood, and just life in general, I pass this on to my bestest friend in the whole world Miss at Life as I see it.

Also, for her amazing poetry that makes me cry from remembering being in that dark place, I give this to Eva at Screaming Whispers. Between her and Miss, I have discovered poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, crazy thought huh, hehe.

And again, for amazing poetry and her take on teenage life, although dark and gut wrenching at times, I give this award to Jamie Nicole at Reasons to forget. She hasn’t written in a while and I am very sad about that, I love reading her blog.

Side note, until I did this I had no idea I read three blogs containing poetry….yup medicated weirdo who can’t remember over here.

To someone I just discovered (like days ago) who makes me laugh and totally relate to the mom talk although my munchkins are much smaller, I give this to Draft Queen at The Drafts Folder.

To someone else I haven’t been reading long, who makes me laugh and want to give her a warm hug after reading her posts, I pass this on to Cheryl at Star Bucks Break. Although I’m pretty sure she’d tell me off or slap me for my gesture, and possibly this award, hehe. Things piss her off, and she doesn’t hold back her irritation, she lets it out and says screw you if you can’t handle it. LOVE THAT! Makes me want to post my irritations more often, yet not, since this girl has a way of describing her anger that I can’t compete with.

And lastly, but nowhere near least, Jodene at Project Me. Jodene blogs each day about everything that happens, whether it’s good or bad. It’s not just a blog, it’s a daily look into her life, it’s seeing her grow as a person and watch how she heals or overcomes situations as the days go on.

So there ya go 6 bloggers I follow that touch my heart by the honesty and sincerity they give with each post.


Robert said...

5) I tend to agree. I love pickles!! Okay, so I don't do pickled meat 'cept perhaps fish (then again I don't do meat... 'cept fish).

6) I love all the Star Wars movies. But if you want romance, nothing beats "The Little Mermaid" as far as I'm concerned. Eric is the man!

7) Song, "The hourglass" by Savatage. As with most of their stuff, it's the greater story that as so much more to the song.

8) I so agree. If I never had to wear shoes again I just wouldn't.

9) I prefer camomile tea to others. Just plain like that, but that's just me.

10) I've kissed a girl... and I liked it. ;)

Draft Queen said...

I love pickles. I'm making some as I type. Well, they've been brewing a coupla days now...

Anyway, I'm seriously quite touched by the award and the fact you even read my blog, let alone enjoy it!

I need to do an award day on the blog this week.


Nikki said...

Robert - I thought I'd tried all things pickled, but apparently not because I have not heard of pickled meat...or I have and let go in one ear and out the other cause I don't understand that. Oh well, whatever floats your boat I always say. And Little Mermaid is my favorite cartoon of all times!! How funny!

Draft Queen - My grandma and mom used to make pickles. I am afraid to try, although I'm a pretty good cook if I do say so, LOL, I tend to screw things up regularly. Because I love them so much, I'd hate to ruin that because I screwed up the batch.

You are so welcome and totally deserve it.

Eva said...

I have a strange obsession with names too. I think it's because I'm always writing. It was good to learn a little about you. Thanks for thinking of me :)

Jodene said...

I love green tea above all, except when I blog because then I need a great cup of english tea with a dash of milk!

Nikki, you've inspired me to think about all of the things that I love and I'm going to dedicate a blog entry to you while I'm on holiday and have time to think about all of the things I love.

One thing I do love is the special award you nominated me for ... it touched me so much! Thank you my fellow blogger and awesome chick!

We rock!!!

Nikki said...

Green tea I do like, well some of it. Being in the south (of the US) so to speak people here tend to drink lots of sweet ice tea, and Lipton is a huge favorite. It shows my country roots, hehe.

You are both welcome! And I agree, we rock, LOL.

Heather said...

We were the same way with naming our four kids. Their names couldn't be in the top 20 and they had to be nickname proof. I loved some of the top 10's, but again, they were top 10. We also stuck with unisex names and the kids think it's funny when they meet the opposite sex with the same name.

Thanks for sharing your info.