Friday, March 26, 2010

It should be a Monday…

I’m really not sure where to start on today, its all either a laugh or a HUH WTF, and its only 1:00pm so I’m sure this day is going to be one craptastical event after another.

Hmm I guess I can start with my appointment.

10:45 is when my appointment was scheduled, yet I waited until after 11:20 before being called back.  Now normally I don’t mind waiting, I get that some days are busy and things come up so you have to wait, no biggie I get it.  But while I read my book, I heard all the laughter and talking that was going on by the people behind the desk.  It wasn’t an outrageous amount of non-activity but enough for me to go “Hmm either you have nothing to do or you’re trying to make a shitty day fun”.  I get called back, the lady checks my blood pressure, normal as usual, and my temp, 100.3, not so normal.  Totally throws me off, but I have had hot/cold crap all week that I shrugged off to being remnants of the pills leaving my system.  She sends me back to the waiting room, and I wait.  At this point I avoided glancing at the clock because it only irritated me.  I can wait but I wanted out of there, I was surrounded by sick peole.

Yes I get it, dr’s office is for sick people, helllllooo, but people were coughing and sneezing and ick.  Especially one little baby, she had to be around 6 months.  Her breathing sounded more like growling, and when she sneezed, well it didn’t sound like any sneeze I had ever heard but it had to have been one because right after that weird grunt thing, she had snot pouring out of her nose.  It was so sad.

I FINALLY get called back, talk to a nurse, then the doc and I’m now back on Welbutrin, what I took way back in the beginning that has worked far better than anything I’ve had so far.  Except, its $150 or something a month and when that got too much for us to afford I switched to the generic, that didn’t work at all, switched back and proceeded to have something close to a migraine every single day all day, for a few months before I gave up and switched to something new.  Before the switch it worked perfectly, I had energy, I felt awesome, I lost weight without even trying.  Haven’t had that feeling since, I’m crossing everything possible, asking any god I can think of to cover my bases, and hoping that it works like it did the first time.  Oh and hopefully the price won’t kick our butts so badly this time.

This is when things go off the cliff.

I go to Sonic, LOVE SONIC, and pick up something for my Mama and something for Bailey.  The total is $5.20, how do I remember that?  Well because my card won’t work.  The guy swiped the thing I don’t know how many times, took him a good 10 minutes total trying, and still my card was declined. WTF.  I managed to find $4.15 in my car, with only $2 being bills.  You do the math, the rest was a combo of quarters, nickels and dimes.  I only had three penny’s didn’t think they’d be much help.  I asked him if I sent the food back would my measly change work for the drinks, he smiled at me and said don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it.  Sugar, honey and every other endearment I can’t think of right now, THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER for feeling sorry for me.  I should have gotten your name and called in to your manager to say how awesome you are for trying to get my card to go through and then taking a handful of change that wasn’t enough for my purchase.  YOU ROCK MY FRIEND.

Now something else happened in my car while I was trying to find money, and that was the realization that Bo has stolen my checkbook again.  First time he took it from my purse and didn’t give it back.  I got it back and put it in MY car so I wouldn’t have to go through that whole embarrassing crap of not having it again and having to come back to pay.  He was driving my car while Miss was down, and took the thing AGAIN, or so I’m thinking that was when it happened. After I tell him about the card he said and I do quote from the IM that he sent me “that’s why i carry a checkbook, and one in my truck just in case... although right now i believe there are 2 in my truck so make sure I bring it in tonight...” OH YES HE DID.  Then I tell him I took my checkbook back and put it in my car, and get ”whatever it doesn't really matter... either way I'll bring one of them in if i have two in my truck and if not I'll get you another one out of the lockbox since you can't reach it well”.  Yup not only did I suffer from embarrassment A SECOND TIME thanks to you taking my checkbook, you have to remind me I’m short.  Thanks honey.

That Peanut Butter Fudge Concrete better be the size of a small elephant is all I have to say and YES there is more payment due my friend.

I get home.  Mama proceeds to tell me the cat threw up in the hallway.  Yay.  Luckily Joss didn’t get in it, but still hair ball in the floor of my hallway yuck.  Bailey was the one to find it, hot dog for my observant child.  Mama is not an animal person, and her telling me was so cute, she was very disgusted by it and having to clean it up.  She even confessed that she told Bailey that’s why she doesn’t have animals.  Love you Mama.  And again so sorry, she normally does this in the garage and its so much easier to clean up in there.

Bailey and I go grab the mail, and I find a letter from our bank.  Oh how funny, what are you going to tell me? My card has malfunctioned, CAUSE I ALREADY FUCKING KNOW THIS.  Nope, its a notice saying there has been unusual activity on my card and it has been shut off, that they tried to contact us but couldn’t reach us.  Well that explains it.  I guess buying some supplies for the business, new boots, and some new headphones is outrageous activity….ok so it is for me since I normally buy from one website maybe once a month.  But still I did good considering the stuff I could have bought, where’s the appraisal for that Mr. Bank?  Bo called in, righted things and learned that somehow they have his old number from 3 years ago instead of his new one or mine….

Some of the supplies and the new headphones came in today, wish I could be excited but I’m sick.

Yup, sick.  NOW I feel like I have a fever.  NOW I notice how dizzy I am, how my whole body feels bad, not beat up bad but the whole thing doesn’t want to move.  Anything other than cuddling in my pj’s in my bed makes me dizzy and hurts my head.  My eyes burn and feel puffy when I blink, they also feel like they’re pounding, all the typical crap involved with fevers.  Why didn’t I feel like this earlier at the dr’s office so they could I don’t know check me somehow to see if its more than my sinus’ being an ass.  My throat, both up to my sinus’ and down toward my chest is scratchy and tender like I’m getting a sore throat.  I noticed it this morning, but thought it was because I had turned on the ceiling fan last night.  Apparently not, damnit 5 million fucking times.

THEN, oh yeah there is more.  I am sitting on the couch rubbing my temples trying to figure out how to survive until Bo gets home, when Bailey accidentally knocks over his Cherry Limeade a.k.a BRIGHT NEON PINK LIQUID onto the couch.  I gasp, and he SITS THERE WATCHING IT FLOW OVER THE COUCH.  I say like 5 times as fast as I could, pick it up Bailey, and he just sits there.  I get up, walk 6 feet and pick it up with him still sitting there watching it.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?  Its a damn good thing this has that stain-protective junk on it, because I managed to get it up without any pink leftovers.  He’s also very lucky that it wasn’t that bad of a spill, although at the time it was happening I was seeing Niagara Falls. When I asked him why he didn’t pick it up when I asked him to he said “Because I was watching it fall”.

If you refer to the top of the post, you’ll see I started this at 1pm, it is now 3:15, it has taken me 2 hours to write this, that is how crappy I am now feeling.  Just fabulous….


Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Jodene said...

Oh cooks, it sounds like it was a very full and eventful day.
It's amazing how time flies when there is a touch of chaos and a splash of gooey juice ... tee hee hee!