Saturday, March 27, 2010

My body never ceases to amaze me

I woke up coughing this morning, after sleeping off and on due to more coughing and weird nightmares.  Yay what a fabulous night.  It was 7:30 and I was determined I was sleeping in, I’m sick after all I should get to sleep in.  But I couldn’t for some weird ass reason I was awake at 7:30 a.m.  If you’ve ever read my blog your jaw should be on the floor and eyes popping out of your head, I do not wake up easily, especially not before I’ve had my coffee.

I get up, make coffee for us, coffee for Bailey, aka chocolate milk, even make some for Jocelyn even though she was still asleep, before sitting down to enjoy my book.

People I have energy, like ENERGY with emphasis on the GEEEEEEE.  I still don’t feel sick in the sense that nothing in particular is bad enough to cause a fever, but I feel sick.  That icky feeling through your whole body, that dizzy sluggish feeling in your head, the puffy burning eyes with each blink.  I still have a very low fever but that’s IT, nothing else to indicate that my body is trying to fight something bad and foreign.  My sinus’ are acting up, however its not so bad that snot is pouring out of my nose, its just drainage, scratchy dry throat, and very mild congestion. 

The only reason I can see that I have energeee is that I took my pill last night.  Oh and by the way, remember yesterday I said that the pills cost $150 or something?  NOT ANYMORE, oh no, after signing up for a prescription plan at our pharmacy, plus using our insurance it came to a total of $224!  Yeah uh huh, screw you OCD and depression that is so not fair to also be so damn expensive.  Anyway, I took this million dollar pill last night, and now I have energy bubbling under the surface, while feeling sick and feverish. 

I am even more convinced that God has a sick since of humor, hehe. 

I’ve already made a mental list, again jaw on the floor because normally I cannot determine where to start, of what I need to do today.  It wasn’t hard, it was so freaking easy that after I did, which I didn’t realize I was even doing it in the first place, I was like hmm maybe I am really sick.  I want to go outside and do something because its already a gorgeous day.  I do not under any circumstances want to stay in this house feeling this poopy.  Again, jaw on floor, maybe even falling over into a shock induced coma.

The pills cannot have taken effect already, if anything right now I should be extremely dizzy with a freaky, drunkish headache, wanting nothing better than to sleep in bed for the next 3 months.  But I’m not, I feel bad, but I want to go outside.  I want to clean my house, and even know where to start.  I want to go do some shopping since we forgot as usual some obvious items last trip.  THIS is what Welbutrin did last time I was on it, when it was working.  The logistics of the pill working 16 hours after being ingested, it doesn’t add up but somehow its doing it.  Maybe my brain is going “Ok feet, you’re going to have to do this in a week, so lets get a start on it now and it won’t be so hard to adjust to later”.  Which is perfectly fine with me, I like energy and wanting to actually do things but wow, this is fast.

To give you a slight peek into my head on stuff to do, only because it gives me a chuckle since I AM NEVER like this the best ones are:

1) I have an idea for the backyard, around the fence we’re going to dig down a few inches, put some chicken wire up against the boards of the fence, fill in with dirt and top with maybe sand.  Hopefully this will keep one Polar Bear from digging to China or escaping from the backyard. 

2) I have an idea for my flower beds…um I have no green thumb, I grow weeds, yet somehow I’ve come up with something I find cool.  This is a triple decker uh oh.

3) I want to go to the office, sit down with my notebook and map out how I can turn it into our office.  I have never used this room, other than playing Rockband from time to time.  I need a work space other than the couch or the dining room table.  I need ONE place to store my business stuff, my writing stuff, and my recipe stuff.  We keep saying we’ll do this but have yet to do it. 

Do we all agree something is WAY off with me today??


Jodene said...

I hope you are feeling a bit better my friend and that you have managed to laugh your way through the entire body, mind, medication, super duper thoughts and wild plans!

I love the way you can see you light through it all and throw a little 'tee hee' at the end of a statement about what the Universe throws as you.

Your plans for the house sound fab. I wish I had a little house to decorate and make pretty.
I have one little pot plant that I have to look after and that about does it for me ... tee hee!

Let me know who you are feeling and keeping laughing your way through it all ;-)

Anonymous said...

cool story.