Friday, March 19, 2010

It’s Friday baby!!

Oh I cannot tell you how so very excited I am that today is Friday.  Not only do we have FlogYoBlog Friday to perk us up with fellow bloggers, but we have Nikki who is semi awake today. Yup. Mini tribal time. 

All week I’ve had that half awake, wired, so sleepy my eyelids feel like they have 100 pound weights on them, so tired I can barely comprehend 1+1=2 feeling.  I’m hoping that although its barely 9am, today I’m going to feel better.   I’ve had sleep, as consistent as it ever gets, and haven’t done anything too outrageous all week long.  You would think that would help, but nope these pills are kicking my butt for daring to stop taking them.

Screw you Paxil, I win you lose. MWAHAHAHA.

Although I am thrilled that I may function halfway like a human and less like a zombie today, I’m more excited that its FRIDAY.  Friday means Bo is home for two days.  Friday means cuddling longer in bed with my honey.  Friday means Sunday is around the corner and I get to go to my parents for some awesome cooking.  Friday is my favorite day of the week, as I’m sure it is for most of you.  It also means I can look back on the week, smack myself in the forehead, smile, or learn from all the failures and improve…or all of the above as is most weeks.

Are you celebrating your Friday?  Any big plans for the weekend?  Wanna share with us?  I know I need more ideas, LOL.

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