Friday, March 05, 2010

Tell us what you want to hear…

So here’s the situation, Miss and I are struggling to find topics for our vlogs.  Yeah whoda thunk right?  Our conversations have been like this:

What do you think about blah?” I ask.

OMG you remember that time that blah totally happened?” she replies.

“Yes! And then…..” I begin.

Two hours later we both look at each other, bust up laughing and say “We were talking about vlogging and ended up talking about penis’.  Where did we go wrong?”.  This has happened more than once TODAY, and neither of us know how we ended up there.

What would you like the vlog to be about?  We obviously are having issues with staying on track, hehe.  Although I did suggest we let the camera roll on us trying to come up with a topic to show just how bad we are at it.   Or good since Bo was laughing just as hard as we were and said we are awesome at distracting each other.


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