Friday, March 05, 2010

What they did to me

Before kids, I was simple.  Simple simple.  I didn’t need anything fancy or cute or girly.  I liked jeans, if they fit and showed the bootay well, that’s all I required, the only thing I did look for was price.  Cheap was and still is my friend.  Shoes, were something that kept my feet warm yet drove me insane, I prefer bare feet.  Have I mentioned my feet have claustrophobia?  And shirts, as long as they hid what needed hiding and were cheap, mustn’t forget that, I didn’t have a preference.

See simple.

Then I got pregnant with Bailey.  And liked, gasp, girly stuff.   Then I had Jocelyn and now I want shoes, cute boots, high heels, flats, you name it, I want it.  I want purses and bags, not just the measly two that I have now, but like 10 or so.  I want all sorts of jeans and skirts and dresses and shirts and tops and sweaters and shawls and shrugs….see?!?!

What the crap did they do to me?

Today I did my first girly thing with my daughter.  I painted her toe nails.  Miss has her toes brightly painted and Joss was in awe of them.  She kept touching them and saying pretty.  So I figured, the girl has stopped putting her feet in her mouth, why not see how she handles it now.  She stayed still and watched as I painted each toe.  She now has sparkly light pink, teensy weensy toe nails.

I have to say, I’m excited.  And now I am adding nail polish in all sorts of weird colors to my list of wants.  Because Jocelyn needs it obviously….

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