Tuesday, March 02, 2010

When you get your butt kicked

PICT0609 Miss, Honey Cheeks, I know about you and your blanket and how much that means to you.  I wanted to let you know you are not a lone.  Us crazies needs to stick together…and huddle with our blankets tucked under our chin.

The items above and the large comfy couch they are sitting on, are my best friends.  When I’m having a bad day or in need of someone to ‘hold’ me.  I go for my current book, I go for my pillow, a warm blanket, and my couch.  Then I turn on the magic box that talks to me, and drift away into my little world.  These friends of mine have gotten me through some rough days.  But they are not so loving sometimes, sometimes they take me hostage and brain wash me into forgetting I have things to do…..

My purple buddy, my laptop, is not in this picture.  She hasn’t washed her hair today so she begged to not be in this photo.  She fills in for my book sometimes. 

I know therapists say its not good or healthy to hide yourself away and not confront your issues.  I agree, but there are some days where you know that issue is going to whomp your ass, tear you to pieces and put you in their soup.  Personally, I would like to avoid that, so my best friends and I cuddle in a warm haven and go away somewhere where those damn issues can’t follow.


-MissC* said...

You always know exactly how to make me feel sane.

Brenda said...

Oh hon, I know exactly how you feel. In my case, it's my iPhone, my bed and sometimes my Kindle. Hugs to you, Nikki.

And hey, you got my button up. Thanks!.xoxoxo