Wednesday, March 03, 2010

You can’t mean it!

My calendar says it March 3rd, but that means Miss will be hear tomorrow.  That cannot be! MY HONEY CHEEKS IS COMING HOME TO ME!!!

celebration Imagine this coming out of my nose, ears, eyes and mouth, while I’m screaming, jumping and twirling around like a lunatic doped out of her mind.  The kids just looked at me and rolled their eyes, because well I am doped and a lunatic and do crazy things from time to time.

The part that freaks me out, is that my house is still not Miss ready.  Miss is one of those people that has a perfectly sparkly clean home, that you could eat off the floor and bathe in the toilet.  And you rarely see her cleaning.  At least that’s how it used to be.  I’ve been so exhausted and feeling like poo that not much has been done.  How unusual I know.  But it means my house very closely resembles what it looked like before she moved away, and I really wanted her to see that I had gotten better at this whole housework thing.  Obviously not, I still suck at it.

Today and tomorrow morning is going to be a mad dash to get the house cleaner.  We’re not going for sparkly, just less smudge.  Because I know Miss, and she’ll get me off my butt and get me to cleaning and things will look good once again.

Oh please Miss, oh great one, beat me and make me do what needs to be done.  Maybe if these two weeks, you’re my drill sergeant, you’ll help me get out of this funk.

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