Friday, April 16, 2010

Twilight done

Finally finished reading the Twilight Saga….Stop here if you haven’t read them.

I have to say the first three books are the best. That’s not saying the last one bites, haha pun intended, it’s just that the way the books suggested things were going, goes haywire in the last one. It’s a weird turn of events that I can’t say I really liked.

Don’t hate me too much k.

After reading this series, I still say I’m a Jacob fan 100%. Yeah so he’s intended for Renesmee (ok so not loving that name btw) but I liked the idea of Bella and Jake much much better than her with Edward. Edward doesn’t do it for me, which is way weird since I love me some vampire. I think it’s because, gasp, I’m not a huge Robert Pattinson fan and I saw the movies first. I think the boy can act, but he doesn’t make my heart go pitter patter. He doesn’t fit the Edward in my head AT ALL. The original actor that Meyer had in mind for Edward was Henry Cavill, which I think would have been PERFECT for the part, except he was too old to portray a 17 year old. Out of the options that were given, I think Robert was the best choice, yet he doesn’t do anything for me. If I had read the books first, then watched the movies, I may have liked Edward instead. I don’t know…DID YOU SEE TAYLORS ABS I can’t stop thinking about them, sorry Robert but Taylor is hot hot hot and it does influence me to lean toward his character…can’t help myself folks.

I’m a bit confused with the whole build up you get in the first three books, then comes that fourth book. I don’t know, it kinda felt like she changed her mind about where the books were going or wanted to throw everyone off so drastically that no one could guess. Which I get, you don’t want your readers to know but wow that’s like waaaayyyy out there, way far off from what she was hinting to in the beginning. Almost as if someone else wrote the last one. Strange strange strange.

The fourth book, to me could have been a totally different series. I like the idea of a half vamp half human child, and the power she inherits is pretty cool. But it’s like that whole sparkling skin thing for me, it is an odd twist on vamps. The body is technically dead, doesn’t eat, doesn’t use the bathroom, doesn’t have to breath, yet it can still create sperm…..hmm. If its a young vamp, possibly but still a totally weird twist. Not hating it, I think it creates a really cool concept; it’s just odd like the whole sparkly thing.

All in all it’s a good series. I love where the story was going in the first three books, not so much in the last one. Although her interpretation of a vampire is pretty cool. I would still recommend this series, just not quite as enthusiastically as I would have if the fourth book hadn’t been so….off. I’m looking forward to the movies though, to see how close they stick to the last two books. It’s going to be pretty cool to see their take on Bella as a vampire.


S Farrell said...

I am right with you on this! Really enjoyed the first 3 books, and a little let down by the last one. Oh, and about the abs too...yowsa!

Nikki said...

I don't normally think guys younger than I am are cute, but he changed that, LOL.

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