Thursday, April 01, 2010

Book review

Ok Twilight fans, if you don’t want to hear some negatives, and these are only slight negatives, I’d stop right here before you cry.

I think we all know I’m a huge vampire fan, I love me some blood suckers, hehe.  It’s not that part that intrigues me, its the danger, its the suspense, its the immortal thing, that does it for me.  So of course I have many vampire works in my collection.  And until just recently I had never read Twilight, you need to thank Miss for that.

So anywho Twilight.  I have to say is now one of my favorites for a vampire series. I only have the first two books, I’ll get the rest this month or next, EEEE! I recommend this series to EVERYONE, its awesome awesome. But here are my probs:

I don’t get the whole sparkly thing.  I’m sorry, blood suckers, hunters, they kill their food most of the time, and yet they sparkle like diamonds in sunlight…does not add up for me sorry.  I think diamonds, harmless, gorgeous, breath taking, almost indestructible yes, but not a dark, twisted, blood thirsty killer.  Sorry just can’t make the connection,  I could do with out the sparkles.  I get the whole, shows their beauty, and how humans are drawn to them by it, but still not a fan of this characteristic.

Secondly I am a Jacob fan all the way around.  And no its not because of Taylor and those kissable abs……..sorry got sidetracked.  The fact that Edward goes nutso whenever they kiss, (don’t spoil it for me, I only know Twilight and New Moon right now) kinda turns me off.  Jacob can touch, or kiss or whatever with Bella, and he’s not hard as stone or cold as ice and he’s not avoiding killing her every second she’s near.  I normally go for the vamp, but in this case I’m all for the werewolf because although Edward is a good guy and he loves Bella there’s a ton of not so nice qualities.  It’s one thing to love someone even with their bad stuff, but the whole he has to fight not to kill her whenever he’s around, that’s one I can’t over look.  Plus, for me, if loving you will lose my family, bye bye fella cause my family and friends come first.  I find it hard, to trust all that, but then again I make the characters real when I read, and if I can’t relate then I have a hard time believing.  Make sense??

With those two very minor complaints, I LOVE the series and I’m only 2 books in!  I love the characters, love the story line and where its going. LOVE IT.  I feel oh so sorry for those missing out on the books, because it helps watching the movies now.  I think because I read Laurell K. Hamilton and J.R. Ward, which are more dark, scary vampires plus written for adults, its hard for me to see the sparkles as badass when that’s what I think a vampire is.  But, I think the Twilight series is a good transition into the harder scarier vampire books that are out there, for young and old alike.  Plus if the hardcore vamp isn’t your thing, you know you have Twilight to read instead.

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*Katie* said...

I find myself torn between loving this series and not being able to stand it. Depends on the day I guess. I flew through the books and have watched jacobs New Moon several times. I would like to discuss more now, but I will save it for after you finish the series.
Oh, and thank you for stopping by my blog. So nice of you!