Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here other me!!! Heeeerrrrrreeeeee meeeeeee!!!

We have Bailey's birthday party to prepare for.  Which means me doing 90% of it since Bo works so much.  IT department doesn't get to stop work at 5...or even on weekends or vacations.

Jocelyn cannot be left alone for more than 2 seconds or else she gets in, under, or on something she doesn't need to be and will get hurt if I'm not right there to keep her from pulling an Evil Knievel.  If its not her daredevil side taking over its that SCREAMING CAUSE MAMA DARED TO LEAVE ME TO PEE side.

I wake up a dozen times in the night hot and sweaty even though its cool in here, I'm wearing hardly anything and the ceiling fan is on.  I'm tired, I'm exhausted and I am not Ms. Susy Sunshine.  Not sure what the crap is going on but it SUCKS ASS.

Returning to Ms. Jellybean, she's teething and has been running a fever off and on since Monday.  She wants to cuddle most of the time, which I love cuddling with my babies but when I'm already exhausted and have a house to clean, it's not so relaxing.

I am here to give my support for cloning or hell creating a robot me, because I have so much to do and no energy and no time to do it. 


Draft Queen said...

Ugh. I'm prepping for my son's birthday as well. And I can completely sympathize with the all-hours IT job. I swear, if N's blackberry rings at 3am again: I'm chucking it out the window.

Luckily, he can do much of it remotely so he comes home. Where he sits and codes and fixes and whatever it is he does.

As for the sweats, maybe you're coming down with a cold or something? Hope you feel better soon!

Nikki said...

I wish we had the money to pay someone to take care of all the work involved you know. We plan it, and someone does it, haha. Especially the cleaning of the house part. I suck at that and hate it with a passion of a thousand suns.

He can work from home too, so its 8-6 or so at work then two hours or more working at home...I feel for the IT people and their families.

I think its from my monthly "VISITOR" who showed up today. She's evil like that, LOL...or I hope its from that anyway.