Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ramblings of a grouchy ass

Yesterday I was able to take Bailey outside to play while Jocelyn slept. You have no idea how amazing that is considering I can barely pee because of this girl lately. Then it’s been raining and our backyard resembled a muddy rainforest up until Tuesday. Anyway, I’m sitting in the teeny shade our little tree gives in the backyard reading while Bailey played. Yeah I did, I have had little sleep so believe me when I say people should be thankful I’m dressed and awake at all. I dropped my cell phone and the baby monitor I don’t know how many times while sitting still, and at one point when I picked one of them up (I'm semi positive it was the cell but once I think about it I’m not really sure, see how tired I am) I saw a four leaf clover underneath.

Do you have any idea how many hours I sat on the ground as a child searching for one of those puppies? My older sister could find one in seconds, and she always found at least one. In all my 28 years I have never ever found one. And I find one by dropping something since I am a klutz. HAHA.

I was so happy, it can only be because of lack of sleep, that finding a four leaf clover made me smile like I’d discovered Jesse James’ hidden money. Or Paul Walker in my bathtub….hmmmmm.

But today, after getting a handful of sleep off and on again, my “visitor” is here for her monthly torture, dealing with an extremely cranky toddler, an energetic 4 year old who wants to play so badly he can’t shut up, and then the best part, a cat who has decided to pee on anything she can find…I just wanna torch that fucking clover cause it aint working!

-Side note, I haven’t forgotten the awards that some of you have given me. I just haven’t posted them because well LOL did you read this post? Nikki has been taken over by Cranky Ass for the time being, and a post about anything happy or cute written by this new persona isn’t such a good idea.


parenting ad absurdum said...

I've spent my whole life (thirty-blah blah years) looking for a four-leaf clover!! Jealous. Totally get the grouchy ass part though!

Nikki said...

Try dropping things while sitting still, cause somehow that worked for me! I still don't know how these kept falling out of my lap.

;) Cranky ass has demanded the hubs to bring lots of booze home cause I'm taking up drinking..hehe

Draft Queen said...

I've never found one, but my mom does all the time.

Hopefully the little one tones down the antics soon!