Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I am so behind its insane.

I somehow lost the post it (on my desktop no less) of those who gave me awards so that I wouldn't forget who and what the award was.  So to those who gave them to me, please remind me cause I'm a tard and didn't do this sooner.

I had three different posts that I was planning on doing (one was the awards, ugh) and never got around to them. Plus I have four on my other blog The Naked Past that are just sitting there waiting to be finished. Researching them isn't as easy as it used to be with Ms. Gottahaveattention24/7.

And speaking of blogs, I haven't commented on anyone's blog in way too long and I am so so sorry for that.

Bailey's birthday party is on Saturday and the house is not where I wanted it to be.  Why? Because Bo and I are masters at procrastinating.  Plus we had a busy weekend that didn't make it easy to remember what we had to do.  Who wants to clean my house??? I'll bake cookies.

Then there is the fact that I haven't done pilates or any workout actually in over a week.  Haven't even followed Weight Watchers in over a month and that is soooo showing on the scale.  We have our 10 year high school reunion in July, then our 10th wedding anniversary trip in August and I had wanted to be at my goal weight by then...so not happening unless I live on lettuce leaves and diet coke like the super models do.

My goal this week is to get my crap together I will try to be positive and have faith that I will get this done Jodene and if I don't you have my permission to knock some sense into me, LOL.


Jodene said...

My dearest friend, I think we need to watch out for each other here. I've also lost the to-do list, haven't been to gym, been eating chocolate for breakfast ... and have so much backed up work that it takes up a pack of post-it's!

Ah ... don't you love being human? lol

Nikki said...

Yup, if it wasn't chaos things would be so boring...but sometimes I wish things would slow down just a little so I can catch up.

You're a sticky note for me ;). I remind myself of how you find the positive in everything and how I can do the same...still working on it though.

Katie said...

Seriously. If life wasn't a constant mess, what WOULD we blog about?
I know the feeling!!

Jodene said...

Remembering that you're a sticky note for me too. You see the light side of it all and face your fears with such gusto!

You go girl!!!