Monday, June 28, 2010

300th post baby!!

(I love this photo, be prepared to see it often..all art on my blog is from

This may not seem like a huge deal to some, but to me its freaking awesome!! 

And so are my 58 followers!! Make that 59 followers now, EEEEE!!! Woohoo and thank you for following, you're the reason I write about all my weirdness.  By the way, I now have a Facebook page for the blog, just click on my Facebook badge on the right and there you go, don't forget to like my page!! And if you could follow me through Networkblogs (you can find it below My Lovelies section, and FWIW its an app with Facebook that keeps my FB page updated on my posts) it would be so awesome!  Thank you, you guys rock!

The weekends are a blur so no I didn't write at all.  Nor did I pay one ounce of attention to what I was eating.  UGH, SIGH and DAMNIT THREE TIMES, all in the same breath.  I weighed this morning and got 4 different weights.  Oh yeah!  Which one is the right one? No clue, but I did like the one that said I'd lost 3.5 pounds better than the one that said I'd gained 2.  Either my body is like oooh lets play 100 results for my weight or my scale is dying.  Another sigh here.

Even though I haven't written a thing since Friday, I've been going over scenes and whats to come.  I think this is the craziest part so far.  I haven't really gotten stuck on how to get to the end.  Normally I go blank and I can't do anything but hit delete and try to start again.  I haven't and that is a fantabulous sign.  I cringe thinking this and can't look at the screen to write it, but it is encouraging to know I've managed not to do this.  Yeah its a bit soon, but considering normally I'd have given up on this story, deleted it and/or started over 5 times by this point, its something to be excited about. 

Yeah so woohoo for 300 posts, 59 followers and breaking my give up record at page 25.


Lianne said...

Very exciting!!

Are you a deviant, yourself? If so, I'm SO stalking you there too. :)

Nikki said...

LOL nope I'm not that artistic. Although I can draw a dead tree like no one's business, haha.