Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm beginning to wonder...

if my daughter is going to be a fly by the seat of the pants girl AND a damanding little diva.

When we found out we were having a girl, I was afraid.  I'm not like most girls and because of that I don't get along with many.  I don't do girly things very often, and even when I do them they aren't as girly as you'd think.  Plus I do not do girl politics.  So having a daughter that could possibly I don't know be girly was a little scary.

Not long after Jocelyn was born, we knew she was one hell of a personality.  Yes, I worded that right. She goes for it, whatever it is SHE GOES and she doesn't care who or what is in her way, because it doesn't stop her.  There's nothing this girl doesn't see and there's nothing she doesn't want, its a constant tug of war around here.  I'm also pretty sure she has no fear or pain since she'll walk on rocks or hot asphalt like its carpet.

This last week though, she's developed some new tactics that leaves me in giggles and makes me cringe.

Normally she sees something, she's a magnate to it, and you can tell her no a million times, sometimes she responds, and sometimes she ignores you and keeps going.  If ANYTHING is in her reach its hers, and if you take it away, may the gods help you.  It used to be just a cry or even a scream sometimes.  But lately, she's developed THAT look.

You know, the Mama look when you KNOW you're about to get it?  Yup.  She raises her little hand, and if it happens to have anything in it you better move, and begins to swat the air, all the while giving you the dirtiest little look I think I've ever seen on a baby.  It can be anything from her not getting the object she wants or you not having another bite for her.


Its all I can do not to laugh while she's giving me a 17 month old go to hell look.  But I dare not to while she's doing it, especially if she has something in her hand.  That girl has amazing aim.

Even though there are sides of her personality that I do not understand or do not look forward to expanding, I love this little girl like nothing else.  I can't be more proud to see her with her own personality.  Of all the things I wished for her, that was one of top.  One one hand I'm jumping up and down with joy to see that she is her own little person and she's going for it, no matter what it is, and doing it her way. 

On the other hand, this new little devolopement is a little frightening. 

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