Wednesday, June 02, 2010

My baby turns 5

My son turns 5 tomorrow and it seems impossible.  This picture was taken just hours after he was born.  I remember seeing him for the first time and thinking how much he looks like my dad.  Considering he's the only boy in the family, he better, haha.  We named him Bailey Scott. Bailey was after my Daddy Billy (this was as close as we could agree on to my Daddy's name~insert eye roll for you Bo~) and Scott was, well do you remember the TV show Party of Five??? Yeah, that's where I got his full name ;).  Seriously I still can't get over Scott Wolf's dimples.  I chose it when I was 15 and finally got to use it at 23.

When Bo and I first started dating I had a dream about a little boy.  It was so real I could feel him in my arms.  Then Bailey was born and there was the baby from my dream.  He has my eyes, he has my smile, but everything else is Bo.  I described this baby for years, and now we have him.

He was calm and quiet most of the time in the womb and he's turned out to be the same outside.  He minds like no other child I know, but he does have his moments...especially lately.  We can take him anywhere and know he's going to mind.  We can leave him alone to go take a shower and we know he won't get into mischief of any kind.  He's so smart we're afraid he'll pass us in another year or so.  And the little ancklebitter can maneuver his way around a computer like a pro, and has for the last year.  He is calm and smart like Bo, and has an imagination and a big talker like me.  Of course he's a goofball just like we are.  It's crazy to look at him and see such a mixture of us.

Then of course he's allergic to change just like his Papa (love you Daddy).

This boy of ours is amazing and incredible and just so damn edible that I don't want to share him with the students and teachers he'll be meeting in August.  He's mine, and I hate that I'm handing him over to complete strangers.  I've been with him 24/7 since he was conceived, if it wasn't me it was Bo or our moms taking care of him.  He's going to have so much fun, much more than sitting at home with a boring Mama.

Bailey, you have no clue how much you are loved by everyone in this family.  We can't get enough of the songs you make up, or the stories you tell, or hearing you giggle at your own joke.  We can't get enough of your hugs and kisses and the way you lay your head on our shoulder to watch TV.  We love watching you make believe with your toys and your imaginary friends, and could listen to you all day...and do most of the time, haha.  You are so incredibly smart that at times you tell us how it is instead of us telling you.  You are an amazing big brother to Jocelyn, and I know that someday you'll beat the shit out of the boy who breaks her heart.  Mama and Daddy will be so proud ;).  In your 4th year you learned how to ride a bike, a scooter and climbed up a huge slide that made Mama want to pee her pants.  You've learned how to drink in cups without straws although you hate to do it, cause its a CHANGE and that's evil.  You've discovered Twinkies, and everytime we go grocery shopping you ask where they are, not can I have more, you just want to see the box.  Don't worry, we'll get you more sometime.  Your love for Rockband has grown so much that I'm pretty sure you know the words to every song on the game (which is more than I want to count considering you and Daddy download new songs every Tuesday) and can play every part/instrument on the game better than most adults. 

You are an amazing little boy, who will no doubt be an amazing man someday.  We love you bubba!


Draft Queen said...

Happy birthday to Bailey!

Nikki said...

Thank you!