Thursday, June 03, 2010

On his day

This past week Bo and I have asked Bailey what he'd like to do on his day.  Whatever it is we'd do, if it was possible.  Like the zoo, or the park or the movies....and you know what requests he had?


Yup he's my son.  He has chosen our meals for the day and although they are yummy I'm kinda dreading it.  I've been doing fairly well these past few days on working out and eating FINALLY, and now its going to fly away giving me the finger.

For breakfast it was blueberry pancakes.  Bo forgot to pick up the blueberries last night minutes after I told him why we needed them.  It's a good thing we had a handful left in the freezer, Bailey got the blueberries, it is his day after all.

We will ignore the fact that it took me over 30 minutes to put together the pancake mix.  OVER 30 MINUTES FOLKS.  I was half asleep, no coffee had passed my lips yet and I was trying to measure out 6 cups of flour with a 1/2 cup measuring cup because I was too tired to wash the cup.  I finally gave up after the 4th attempt and washed the damn measuring cup and then messed up two more times....its finally mixed and now we can go back to having pancakes on Saturdays. 

We had lunch at his favorite restaurant, then headed over for some frozen custard.  He's 5 now you know, so he got his own with M&M's (aka concrete).   I had the Blackberry Cheesecake concrete..yeah I'm bragging it was oh so tasty mwuahahaha. 

It's been a long day, and Bailey is just bouncing off the walls that it is still his day.  And I have to say, its nice to know he doesn't require much to make him happy.   Just some fluffy blueberry pancakes, a grilled cheese sandwhich with fries and some frozen custard, and he's on cloud 9. 

Now I'm off lie on the couch like a bloated whale....


Draft Queen said...

Happy birthday to the little one!

S Farrell said...

Oh, a boy after my own heart! On "my day" I always go with food!

Jodene said...

Oh boy, there's nothing like YOUR DAY! I just adore all the beautiful things you do as a family and have to admit that I indulged in ice cream AGAIN today ... so I'm also on the couch feeling like a whale! We'll start again tomorrow ... or Monday!!

I'm so having you make me blueberry muffins when I come visit ;-)

Nikki said...

Thanks guys he had a blast, and S. Farrell, I have to add the food was a bigger hit than the gifts he got for his birthday, LOL.

Jodene....sugar I'll try to make muffins for you but I'm more of a cook than a baker. I'll have to practice a TON first, LOL...oh and I think the crime of eating icecream more than once in a week is only a minor misdemeanor, haha. Your forgiven ;)