Saturday, June 26, 2010

OMG I have to share

Picture it:

I'm sitting in a parking lot while Bo runs in the store to grab some booze, we are due for some relaxing shut your mouth.  I look up and see a guy pacing back and forth in front of a window in the store next door.  The glass is tented so all I could tell was 1) he was oh so very cocky  and 2) he was wearing a very bright shirt.  But the two things that stood out the most was his strut, and all I could see was his shoulders up, if that gives you any indication how this dude carried himself, and that the collar of his shirt was popped up.  Like it was the 80's again!!!

When Bo returned I made him wait until the guy came out of the store before we left because I had to see the whole thing.  And then it got SOOOOO much better.

He came strutting out of the store, like a model on the runway, this is not an exaggeration.  He was wearing a BRIGHT pink collared shirt, and I mean Bubble Gum BRIGHT PINK.  Now I admit, he is one of the few guys who can pull of pink and still look manly, although that popped collar TOTALLY ruined his whole ensemble.  I was giggling, I couldn't help myself but I about fell out of the car when my eyes went down and saw what he wore with it.  Khaki shorts? Nope, that would have been nice.  Jeans? Oh no.  He was wearing white gym shorts, those shiny slinky ones that comes to the knee! 

Let's recap, bright pink collared shirt, collar popped, bright white slinky shiny gym shorts...and a man who with just his shoulders and head showed me he had an ego the size of Texas.

No I didn't see the shoes but Bo thinks they were sandals, as in strappy sandals....girly sandals.

I am not into fashion, I personally don't think its the clothes you wear that makes you you.  If you love how you look and you feel comfortable in what you're wearing who cares?  But I'm sorry, there comes a point where its just wrong in every since of the word.  I think that image is forever branded into my brain it was just too perfect.

He was tall, possibly Indian (as in India Indian), gorgeous dark skin and a very nice build and face, but he was dressed like he did it in the dark...or was just lazy and threw on what was in the floor.

Such a tragic thing to happen to a good looking guy...


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