Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm torn...

I just saw this video.

On one hand I'm like woohoo since too many parents are ashamed and uncomfy, talking about sex with their kids, they need advice from somewhere.  Whether you tell them about it or not they are still going to be curious and still experiment.  Its going to happen no matter what you do, and it makes me sad that people don't take this very seriously with all the STD's out there today.

Seriously my sex talk was when I told my mom about a girl friend of mine being pregnant and she looked at me and said "You do know how that happens right?".  And she knew I wasn't a virgin anymore!  Believe me, as someone who was in a house where sex didn't seem to exist, I knew about it but what I knew was SOOO not true.  I am way beyond lucky that I didn't end up pregnant at 15 or with an STD.  I went by what kids told me and what I read in romance novels, oh yeah!  I was smart enough to make my boyfriend use condoms and put myself on birth control, but the technicalities of sex I had no clue until WAY later.  Our kids will know about sex and everything involved when they hit puberty, and probably some before then just in case.  I don't want my daughter to be 12 and not know what a vagina is or what its meant to do, like me. 

HOWEVER, I don't think it should be the school system's responsibility, nor do I think that condoms should be available for Kindergartners.  That's just nuts!  My son will start school this year, and he knows he has a penis and his sister doesn't, THAT'S IT.  Why on earth does a 5 year old need a condom?  Bailey doesn't even know what one is for Pete's sake.  I don't know which is worse, that they are available for everyone from K - 12 grades or that they will hand them out whether parents like it or not.

For those kids whose parents don't seem to care or who are too embarrassed to talk to them about it, I think its a good idea.  Those kids need someone to make sure they're safe.  But for the parents that do talk to their kids and do teach them responsibilities, its sort of a slap in the face saying they have no say in it happening.  Especially if they believe strongly that handing out condoms is like saying go ahead and do it.  I may not agree with that way of thinking, but I wouldn't hand their kid a condom and tell the parents get over it.  That to me is saying that no parent is capable of taking care of their children and that's just stupid. 

I think they should be available for high school kids only, but I don't think that its right for the school to tell parents get over it we're doing it anyway.

What do you think??

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