Friday, June 25, 2010

The Nikki was good day

Yesterday was far more productive, can I get a hot damn?! 

I pretty much wrote all day, although I didn't realize it or even try to do it.  Which means my house is still a mess and my friend Sarah (who I haven't seen in like 7 years) might be coming by today.  Damnit 3 times.  But I wrote, and got so into it I was giddy everytime I got to sit down with my laptop to continue.  Ah how I've missed that.

I'm 33 or 34 pages in, I can't remember which, but that is a HUGE accomplishment for me.  Normally I don't make it past page 25 before I review it and start all over.  I can't revise things, I destroy them and pick them apart until all thats left is Chapter 1 at the top of screen.  No joke.  The last story I had that went beyond 20 pages was a "story" I started in High School that was more of a warped diary than anything.  It ended up around 100 pages by the time I stopped, and I went back through it years later to see it was a garbled mess and I had to start over.  It was a story of things I was going through, and I wrote them with what I should have done instead of what I did.  It's a giant mess, but I still have it and all the hand written pieces so if someday I want to fix it I can.

I have something like 10 story folders saved on my laptop, most don't go to page 20, I have even more pieces of stories in notebooks in a storage bins.  I have material and ideas, its just that nothing is finished. So yeah this is huge for me.

I think what stops me most is that I worry about how to get to the end instead of just writing and letting it get there.  Does that make sense? If I spend any time coming up with an outline, I get stuck, it never fails.  For now, I'm not worrying about that part.  I know the gist of the story (a series actually) I know what she does and I know who she ends up with, I know about each of the characters and what they bring to the story, and thats it.  Thats really all that I need to focus on and I have to keep telling myself that. 

Miss remember you are my editor, sorry.

On the whole weight loss thing, I drank my water and I tried to move as much as I could.  That's pretty much it on that.  Sigh.


Jodene said...

Ok, I totally feel like your soul sister after reading this. I haven't got as many stories as you though ... lol and maybe I could have moved a little bit more.

I love that I can 'sigh' with you and remember that we are not alone in this world which makes it all seem a little more 'normal'!!

Nikki said...

LOL sugar thats gotta be the first time anyone suggested I was normal.

There may be a lot of stories, but most of them are really really bad. I have the ideas already set up, haha I just have to throw it away and start over.