Friday, July 30, 2010

Ah the past, just as sweet as a cows ass covered in shit.

This morning a friend of mine sent me a picture of my ex and it was SO not something I wanted to wake up to. An ex that Bo would rather forget about and one I cringe at. He was a mentally abusive asshole, who enjoyed toying with my emotions. I hated myself enough to put up with his crap for over two years.

Now I could go into detail about all the crap he did but why bother, it gives it power and I’d rather not boost his teeny ego on my blog.

When I saw that picture, I giggled like a, well lunatic, at who he married and what I remember of her, who I thought for sure was related to him...hmm.  I never got to vent my anger over the crap he put me through. But this picture makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside as if I did.

MWUAHAHAHA. NEENER NEENER, did you check out my photo??? Cause I is hot now!

This is one of those situations that if you hadn’t experienced it you wouldn’t have learned something. In this case, I may not have seen what an amazing man Bo was. While my ‘boyfriend’ was too busy sleeping around and goofing off with his friends, I was hanging out with Bo and our friends having a blast. I guess you could say I was having an affair, of sorts, with Bo all along cause he was by far more of a boyfriend than just a friend, and we didn’t do anything sexual in all that time…well once, during one of the 10 million breakups, Bo and I stayed up until 3 am making out in my driveway on New Years, I saw fireworks for the first time EVER that night...

You know what, I should thank him, hang on…

Thank you, if you hadn’t treated me so badly and fucked everything with a skirt I wouldn’t have spent so much quality fun time with Bo. It’s because of you that I found real love. You lead me to Bo, the greatest guy on this planet who goes out of his way to show me how much he loves me every single day. Thank you for leaving me alone with him.


Eleven years and two kids later, we’re still going strong and still just as googly eyed and flirty as we were back then.

Eleven years later, he still looks just as miserable and unhappy as he used to…except now he’s OLD.

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-MissC* said...

Lover you always know how to make me laugh! Glad you got some sense and kicked his skank ass to the curb. Anyone who marries a cousin is trash.