Friday, July 16, 2010

Argh....SOB....Damnit 40 times....GGGRRRRR

Plus a few shits and fucking a's thrown in there as well.

Our dishwasher that we haven't had for a year, MAYBE two, has been slowly not working.  It will leak for a few days then stop.  It won't dry the dishes and hasn't for months.  We have to rinse everything off before we load them in the dishwasher, because it doesn't clean everything, although it swears you can put in caked in stuff and it will clean it.  And a few weeks ago I saw that some of the kids cups had a white film on them.  I thought maybe it had something to do with the Chocolate Quick powder we use.  I'd just rewash them by hand and tada clean cup.

About an hour ago, I unloaded the dishwasher.  A load I have washed 5 times, and everything is still dirty and EVERYTHING has that white milky film over it.

My kitchen is covered in dirty dishes.  Why haven't I washed them by hand?  Well many reasons, why hand wash when you have a damn dishwasher that is supposed to work and because I have no where to stick them out of the way so I can get some washed.  Other than my dining room table which would mean me dripping water and gunk all over the floors that I'd have to clean up too.  The counters are covered, there is no room anywhere other than the floor and again, giving me another mess to clean up.

We bought some dishwasher cleaner, and right now its doing its thing.  Or it better because if this thing doesn't work now, its being torched.  And the company/store we bought it from will get a lovely hate blog post here because it would make it the 4th appliance we've bought from them in the 5 1/2 years we've lived here that has died. 

It's a good thing I have the rest of the house to clean....

Update - Just walked into the kitchen to get us lunch, when I met water.  Normally the water is just around the dishwasher, but today it was in the middle of the kitchen which is why I didn't see it and didn't think I would step in it.  I have an aching knee and two big toes who are crying out at having their knuckles smashed.  FUCK YOU DISHWASHER.


Draft Queen said...

That just sucks. I'd totally take it up with the place you bought it or the manufacturer.

Nikki said...

Bo has looked at it, and somehow there is a chunk of the seal at the bottom of the door missing No idea how that happened. Now why it's leaving a white film we still don't know.

We're going to get an estimate on how much it will be to fix it, and if its too much we'll head down to the scratch and dent store. Woohoo for picky people, we can replace this one with an expensive one for next to nothing.