Saturday, July 17, 2010

Your grandpa's nephew's grandaughter's it?

Yeah me either.

Today we went to a family reunion, that wasn't exactly our family but was.  Let me set this up for you and see if I can get you as confused as I am.  Or as Jodene was when I tried to put it together for her earlier today on Facebook...I'm sure she's still scratching her head and wondering what I was trying to say, haha, sorry Jo.  Of course this was within 30 minutes of us coming home and I was still duh duh stuttering over what the crap just happened.

Ready?  Here we go...
My grandpa (mom's dad) Oscar S. had two sisters, one sister everyone called Toots (not sure why and I don't know what her real name was) married into the H. family.  One of her sons Carl, has a wife Betty, who has contact somehow with my cousin Melissa (my mom's niece) and she asked if we could be at the reunion today.

Have you ever walked into a building you've never been before, filled with people you have no idea who they are nor they you, and wondered if you went to the wrong place?  We did!  My mom heard about the reunion through my cousin and she was under the impression that it was a S. family reunion.  So talk about surprise when it was the H. family reunion, and my mom and her two siblings barely knew anyone there.

I had people coming up and asking me how I was related and I'd say "I'm Sue's daughter", cause well I am and normally that's all it takes.  Only one person knew which Sue that was, then I started saying Oscar's granddaughter.  And yet only a few recognized his name.  Then it became, Toots' brother Oscar, some called him Tom (although his name was James Oscar, it's any ones guess where Tom came in), his daughter Sue is my mother, then it was 'OOOH now I know who you are'.

I had people tell me they were so and so's daughter's grandchild's spouse and I was like "Oh that's amazing!" while inside I'm going 'what the crap did you just say and who is so and so'.

My brain is still swimming with all the connections we have to the H. family and I couldn't tell you but three names out of the entire 60+ people that were there.

You know how many were from our side? 
There were seventeen of us, descended from Grandpa.  We ended up staying around each other whispering and asking who was who, but considering mom and her two siblings didn't know many it wasn't a long discussion of who is who.  I'm pretty sure everyone else were wondering what the hell we were doing at their reunion when we're from the S. side of the family.

Now I'm going to go bang my head against a wall...wanna join me?

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