Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The chirping of crickets

I'd like to say that I've been so busy that I haven't had a moment to sit down at my laptop, but I can't. 

I once again haven't been sleeping, which brings on the horrendous headaches that knock me on my but for a day or two.  It's been rough, because all I've wanted to do was sleep, and I can't when its just me and the kids.  So I read, or play online games, or like yesterday spend an entire day writing (WOOHOO).  When I need to be cleaning my house so that when Miss and her son Caden get her...whenever that is ahem ;)...the house doesn't look like a disaster zone.

At least some of the house is clean, but I guess she does know my lack of cleaning skills by now so it won't be a shock to her system.

If you add on Mother Natures monthly gift, well you understand how that sucks all perkiness right out of you.

Another week down of no weight loss.  Shocking I know.  I have followed the rules and kept track of my points, but what I didn't do was put a whole lot of effort into staying right at or under my daily points like a good girl.  The 35 extra points a week were gobbled up before the week was over.  It didn't help that I made two peach cobblers back to back, but hey one of those was for the family reunion fiasco that happened over the weekend.  There wasn't much left afterwards, thankfully, since it's my grandma's recipe I have a hard time resisting it.  But now its gone, no more ewy gewy goodness that brought me back to sitting in my grandma's kitchen while she fiddled around the room asking me over and over "Are you sure you're done eating, I can make you something else".

When I decapitated my muse a couple weeks ago, I was almost afraid to go back and continue writing.  What if what I replaced the crap with was just, well crappy?  What if, what I had before was better than what I'd replaced it with?  What if I ruined my story completely and I had to start all over again?  I stayed clear of it for a few days because I knew if I didn't, I'd tear it up and start over just because I doubted myself.  I went in yesterday, reread the entire thing and took out more, hold on its for the better, that I had added in trying to make the parts line up.  I may still take out what I replaced that with because it still isn't quite working for me.  But I kept going anyway, and I'm quite proud of myself for doing so. 

You'll get more later on my writing, because I need some help.

I'm hoping today that the headache will take a day off, and I can do what needs to be done, because as usual, it's getting old AGAIN, to not be able to do anything but sit still.


Lianne said...

Aww, feel better!

Draft Queen said...

Hope you feel better soon and get a chance to get some sleep!

Nikki said...

Thanks guys! I managed to sleep better last night so here's hoping I DO NOT get that headache today.