Saturday, July 24, 2010

How do you feel..

About earning money from blogging?  Do you consider it a sell out or taking things too far?

I tried adsense on here LONG LONG time ago when I had like no one following just to see how it worked.  And obviously I earned zip from it.

But now that I have more followers and get lots of hits every day I'm really curious as to how much one could make on blogging.  I want to know if its actually possible.

Who knows, maybe I could be the next Dooce how funny/awesome would that be?

So what do you guys think? Does it turn off to see ads on a blog?  Do you think its being a little too ostentatious?  And do you even click on the ads to help the blogger out??


Jodene said...

I decided to put ads on my blog and then the ads didn't reflect who I am so it freaked me and I removed them. I think if you can find ads the don't go against who you are then go for it hun.

Nikki said...

True, totally agree.

I just don't know of anyone who actually clicks on the ads so I thought I'd ask.

Tracy said...

There is nothing wrong with Monetizing your blog, and we should all respect each bloggers individual choice in that regard. Like anything, some choices are better than others. And you have the find the program that works best for you, just email me and I'll expand upon my experiences with what works for me and what doesn't. It doesn't surprise me however that you didn't like google adsense, I have nothing good to say about them either, there are alternatives out there, don't let everyone lead you to believe they are the only option! As for people pressing them, they press them no more or less on blogs than elsewhere, a person will press on an ad that interests them. It's a product they buy, a service they use, or an enticing coupon code. IMO, People won't generally press on them because it supports the site.