Saturday, August 21, 2010

And he gives school a...

Thumbs up, sorta, haha.

Thursday morning, he walked in that school as if he owned the place.  He was ready to go and that was that.  All four of us walked to his class, and after helping him put up his backpack in his locker and grab his pencil box he took off to his seat.  Bo and I exchanged a look of "I wonder if we should leave now", as he was acting as if we were already gone.  We walked over, gave him hugs and kisses and said goodbye.  He was in 'work mode' and barely responded.

It was tough walking away from the school.  My insides were churning so badly I am surprised I managed to keep my cup of coffee down.  I kept popping peppermints as if they were M&M's and breathing deeply through my nose.  I made it, but it was painful.  Then when we got in the car, there was that mama nagging feeling of I just left my baby how the hell could I just leave my baby??? I LEFT HIM!!

Thankfully I had the facial when I did because that was my magic pill.  I was perfectly fine afterwards.

When we picked him up he was awfully quiet, although he said he had fun, it didn't look like it.  Come to find out, he was disappointed that he didn't get to play on the computers that are in his classroom, haha.  To him, that is a deal breaker.  You do not put a computer in front of him and say no you can't play on it; this boy is serious about a PC.  He had a minute or two of puckering his bottom lip and was on the verge of bawling, when I asked if he was ready to go Friday, to which he said no he wasn't ever going back.  But by bedtime, he'd decided he could give it another shot.

This morning the excitement was back but it didn't last long.  Yesterday everyone went straight to the classroom, but today everyone gathered in the lunchroom, and since he's allergic to change, he got a bit teary.  Bo didn't have to stay with him long before he was ready to get to 'work'.

Friday went much better than Thursday, he was more himself when we picked him up and has yet to say he doesn't want to go back.  Keep your fingers crossed this doesn't change.

I can't go on until I tell you that my son has met two girls.  Oh yeah, two days in and he's checking out the hotties.   There is Hannah who sits at his table, and he says she's really nice and sweet.  And Friday his mat was next to a 'new' girl at nap time.  And it seems he's disappointed that he didn't get her name...that's my boy.

I have to say this has got to be one hell of an organized school.  All schools may be like this for all we know.  In our elementary school, the bell rang and if you had a ride home you just walked outside and found your car.  If you rode the bus, it was a stampede of kids pouring out the doors and onto the buses.  But here, they have it all choreographed, each bus gets loaded separately, all the kiddos are in a single line waiting patiently for their turn to get on.  When it's time for the parents to pull up, a group of teachers come out and start loading the rest of the munchkins.  Each driver has a numbered card in the front window, they look the number up and announce on walkie-talkies that the child can come out. 

It's the coolest damn thing!  I know this can't be the only school that does it, but for us back-wood folk this is high tech and fancy, hahaha. 


Jodene said...

This is gorgeous and refreshing my dear friend. I just love the images painted of every little moment of your new experience.

Girls ... only 2 ... I'm impressed!!

McKenzie said...

Sounds like the first day of school went great! That's good!