Saturday, August 07, 2010

My nightly routine...

As of late, this is what I snuggle down with before bedtime. 

You may think Bo is jealous, but I can assure you he's not.  I read this to him, and he gets....inspired ;).

What do you cuddle with in the evening?


Jodene said...

Ooh, what a cool book, I have to find it! Please send me the details so I can do a little order over the net.
Stuff what I am settling down with ... I wanna be settling down with that ;-)

Free2bMommy said...

Yeah.....heading to the book store. You can soooo tell I have small "book" is the latest issue of Parents magazine, or Good Night Moon. <---lame I know!


Nikki said...

I haven't gotten very far in it, but it's pretter informative and entertaining so far.

Dee don't feel bad! I may read grown up books, but I tend to watch cartoons all freaking day, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Where can I get that BOOK?!!

I read naughty books, but I could really use that one! Seriously let me know.

Nikki said...

I put it in my Amazon favorites list, its on my sidebar, just click on it and it will take you to the book. Enjoy!! ;)