Saturday, August 07, 2010


Do you remember me saying I had applied for a book reviewer position but backed out?  Well it turns out, that I made such an impression on them that I was asked to be a freelance writer for the website!!

So say it with me EEEEEEEEEE!!

I don't have deadlines nor the 5 book a month requirement.  I get to choose my books, and send in my reviews whenever I can.  I cannot begin to explain how excited and so very thankful that they are giving me this opportuinity.

Now the hunt begins on what books to read since most of the things I have read have already been reviewed on the site. 

Part of the rules, is that I can't post reviews on my blog, but I can let everyone know when I submit one on Literary Escapism

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....sorry had to do it one more time.


Dee said...

oh my gah!!! SQUEEEEAL! Congrats. How does it work? Do they pay you?

Nikki said...

No I don't get paid, but I can occasionally get a free book.

I'm allowed to basically pick any book I want, but I have to stick close to the SciFi genre as that is what category I'm in. I've now learned that what I thought was SciFi is more Fantasy, LOL. But this just means I get to expand my reading.

I'm starting with J.R. Ward, as I have most of that series, then I'll have to figure out what I move onto then. I'm thinkin of reviewing J.R.R. Tolkein as no one has covered him yet, but I'll have to throw in some actual SciFi works at some point, ;).