Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The night before

I'm predicting that tomorrow will be chaos, horrible, anxiety ridden chaos.  And I'm dreading it.

Of course the terrible headache that I have right now doesn't help my optimism that we'll pull off the first day of school without a hitch.

Nor does my stomach, that is churning and swishing around.

Everything is ready, except the few forms left to fill out, that we both SWEAR we have already done. 

Bailey is beside himself with excitement and can't stop talking about his new teacher and all the stuff he gets to do now.  He's very precise that child of mine, and foreseeing him having issues with not wanting to go back to school, he already knows he goes Mon-Friday, 8-3 until May, with some school breaks in between.  You can ask him, and he'll tell you without missing a beat as if duh who would think you'd go any other way.  Although he has asked why he can't go every day and all year long. 

I do expect tears tomorrow,  more mine than his, and I know that there will be a time when he gets scared and doesn't want us to leave him.  I'm glad Bo is home the next two days, because I would be that Mom that tells the teacher my child isn't ready for school yet, when he begs me not to leave him.  It's the first time EVER that he will be left with someone I do not know.

He hasn't heard me, that I know of, saying how sad the idea of tomorrow is.  I've been nothing but positive and upbeat and "OH Bailey I bet you'll get to _____ at school!  Won't that be fun!" every chance I can, especially when he brings the topic up.  He has no clue that inside, I feel sick to my stomach, I'm jittery, and can't sleep.  And I'm hoping to keep it that way.

I did scheduled something for me tomorrow to help with my anxiety.  I am getting my first ever facial.  And Friday I'm getting my nails done, for day #2.  Hopefully by Monday I'll be all good and the anxiety gone, otherwise I'll have to sip on cocktails and text dirty messages to Bo all day long....

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Draft Queen said...

I haven't read that far yet (I'm so far behind!) but I hope all went well with Bailey's first day! It's usually far more traumatic for mom than the kid.