Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Me and my snot bag

Yeah...I'm sick.

Sneezing, stuffy, coughing and head feeling like its filled with glue.

It's also raining today and tomorrow and that so helps, let me tell you.

I found the only place I can breath consistently is sitting in my car.  Go figure, but I am not sitting in the car all day.  My a/c is barely working, that makes my car feel like Hades is nipping at your ass.

Can you tell I'm cranky? 

I had plans for today but that has flew out the window, as all I wanna do is get back in my pj's, grab a blanket and walk around the house ughing and ohing and sounding very much like a congested ghost.

I'll be posting the Naughty List later today...once I can think hard enough to come up with naughty confessions.


McKenzie said...

I hope you get well soon! Getting sick at the end of summer always sucks.

Draft Queen said...

Awww feel better!