Thursday, October 14, 2010


Picture it: NE Oklahoma New Years Eve.  I was at a friends house for  New Years Party.  I'm pretty sure as usual I was the only girl there with 6 boys.  Get that thought out of your head right now, I only slept with one of them...and married him ;).  We were watching the new Godzilla and I was bored.  All I remember is Bo and I were talking and flirting like crazy and to this day I've never seen that movie.  Something that had NEVER happened before, as Bo was my best friend and I had never had those thoughts about him.  He drove me home that night, as usual, but instead of me going inside, I stayed in his truck...and we made out until 3am.  When I walked inside my mother was waiting for me, beyond not happy that I was way past my curfew.  I explained to her that I'd been back before my curfew but Bo and I had talked in the car and didn't notice the time.  She wasn't so mad after that, or so I remember, cause Bo was well Bo, my friend.  I'm pretty sure he's why I didn't get into trouble for being late that night. 

Picture it: Last night I get woken up by coughing, lots of coughing and a little voice in the dark saying "I need cough medicine".  I get the medicine, the only one I can find without my glasses and barely opened eyeballs.  It just so happened that Bailey doesn't like that particular medicine and began to cry.  I was half awake, could barely talk and was so not in the mood for that, I told him to suck it up it's all we had.  Yes I know, Bad Mama award.  I gave him some water, and walked him back to bed.  I made a pit stop at the spare bathroom and when I walked out I could hear him crying.  SHIT now what.  I go in and he's hunkered down in his bed in a funny position.

He'd spilled his water all over himself and his bed because he tried to get the cup off of his toy box while still lying down.  After changing his sheets and tucking him back in, I made my way back to bed.  As I was climbing under the covers, I saw the clock, 3:34 and I smiled, like I always do when I see the clock around that time of the morning.

I love my babies with every ounce of me, but I wish I'd been awake at 3am because I was making out with the hottie that is my hubby.


-MissC* said...

Aw baby! I love this post!!!
I wanna huge you both right now.
I miss you so much.

Draft Queen said...

aww. so sweet.

Jodene said...

Ahhh, what a gorgeous post to catch up on! You guys just make such a cute couple and you are far from bad mama! Your rock chick!!!