Saturday, October 16, 2010

Goodbye Mr. and Mrs. Spoogespot

A while back I mentioned wall splatters that we had on our bedroom walls.  I'd share a photo but I think that may scar someone. 

Today we painted over the splatters, and while doing so Bo and I discussed how they got there.  We reluctantly painted over his handywork with a smile.

Goodbye Mr. and Mrs. Spoogespot.  We shall miss you.  The times we shared.  The laughter.  The moans.  The cleanups.  I'll never forget the night we met you, when Bo's aim was off. 

All our love, Bo and Nikki


Christy said...

LOL! Don't you want to keep the memories?

Jodene said...

Luv it!!!!
Oh those memories are forever splashed through time that's for sure! Love you guys and Bo is a champ for letting you share! He can be so proud!