Monday, October 25, 2010

Good mooning good mooning

If I had company right now, they would have just witnessed a sight that they'd never ever forget.

My bare ass with my jeans around my ankles.

I'd like to say I was doing something kinky but I wasn't.

I'd like to say its because I've lost that much weight that my jeans no longer fit.

But I'd be lying.  I have jeans I ordered online, I ordered my size except they are too big.  I didn't send them back because I needed jeans and would just make do.  I rarely wear them out of the house, not that I think it's a great sight for my hubby to see, but they are my backup jeans. 

Bailey's bed is low to the ground so as I was trying to change his sheets my pants were drooping so low my entire butt was hanging out.  Me being by myself, I just left them there until I was finished with his sheets.  But on my way back, with two laundry baskets in my arms I couldn't hang onto my jeans and they fell.

I had to do that walking shuffle thing down the hall until I got into the living room to put the baskets down and yank my pants up.

I think it's time I spend some money on jeans that actually fit and toss they don't even cover me in the first place.


Christy said...

I think this means you're in style. You know...Pants On The Ground.

Draft Queen said...

I have had that happen to me before. Not cool. Time for new jeans!