Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sometimes being me pays off

I make a grocery list every week, but I somehow manage to buy multiple items.  Its not unusual for me to have 3 boxes of elbow macaroni in my pantry.  Or more than one frozen meat in the freezer.  Or 5 cans of chicken stock or diced tomatoes.  I always use everything so it's not a problem but it is frustrating that I continuely do this.

Except today when we spent only $100 on groceries (food plus other household items) because I basically had all the ingredients for 4 meals.  Our normal bill is closer to $200 if not over, thanks to my unintentional stockpiling or me picking random recipes that has ingredients I rarely use. 

The funny part is I had started out thinking that I'd check my supplies before I'd check my recipes but I didn't. 

One of the few times OCD pays off, haha.

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