Sunday, October 17, 2010

So so done

I can't go any further without thanking all things holy for the ability to keep trudging along throughout this long long weekend of non stop work.  It began Friday morning, our plan was to paint our bedroom and that plan dissapeared when he still couldn't fix our bathroom toilet and had to call in a plumber.  By 2:00pm, our toilet was fixed (Thank You Lowes ever so much for shitty advice, and faulty parts, you suck ass and owe us $200),  but no painting or prep work had been done and it was time to get Bailey from school.  Saturday morning was a frantic run to get the room ready for painting; we were determined to finish it before today.  I love painting, really love painting. But I hate the prep work, the cleaning of the walls and the taping and Spackle blah blah crap. The painting itself I could do all day, the other stuff sucks ass. Thankfully by the time we had to pick up the munchkins we had painted the first coat.  The second coat had to wait until after bedtime.

We were up until 12:30 last night finishing up and ended up sleeping in our living room on a blow up mattress.  It wasn't too bad actually..shocking that.  But today we're walking around sore and bone tired, except the work isn't done.

We have to put the furniture back in our room, rearrange it, bring our clothes and other little things back in, and restock my bookcase....cause well I couldn't handle not having them near me and was having nightmares of my bookcase chasing me trying to eat me because it was hungry.  On a Sunday night, which is trash night, with a completely cluttered kitchen and dining room since all we did was paint and nothing else.  Oh yeah and laundry can't forget that lovely gem. 

And it's 9pm.  Damnit three times.

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