Saturday, October 23, 2010

She's a spunky nutball

A few minutes ago I was ordered to put a shirt on Jocelyn, and not just any shirt, oh no she wanted Bailey's pj shirt.  It wasn't a subtle hey Mama, it was crying with ON ON ON and Bailey shirt repeated over and over until I complied.  And now she's as happy as can be. 

This is my girl, she's got this quirk to her that you can't help but laugh at.  She wants her shirt off most of the time, and if she's got a skirt on she pulls it up so it resembles a belt.  She wants her socks and shoes on, or she's walking around in someone else's shoes, her bracelet on and she tops it off with her sideways hat.  

Then you have her looks.  She frowns at you, she opens her eyes as big as she cans and bats those eyelashes while pursing her lips at the perfect times, she tilts her head to the side with a serious expression and says huh after she asks for something, and I can't forget that ornery smile she does whenever she's into something or thinking of getting into something she knows she's not supposed to.  That smile gives her away every time.

One of her favorite things she likes to do is while you're changing her diaper, is to tell and show you where her body parts are, her favorites are where her butt and her nini is....her name for her vag not mine.  And every great once in a while she grabs onto her ankles, spreads her legs wide suddenly and says boo.

But then she has her dangerous daredevil side that scares the holy shit out of me.  Like the times she dives headfirst off the couch even though every single time she does, she gets hurt.  Many times she has bent in half making me scream in panic because I'm sure she's just broken something or hurt something serious.  This happens more than once every day and she typically does it when I'm far enough away from her I can't stop her.  You'd think she'd stop but I'm pretty sure she thinks one of these days she'll make it down and won't get hurt.  She tries to stand up on the furniture and thinks its a game, even though she almost always falls.  She gets right on the edge of the couch and the lunges in a direction away from the couch and can't figure out how she falls or how she gets hurt.  She tries to climb under things every chance she can, and ALWAYS hits her head and starts screaming as if it's the first time.  This she did not inherit from me, this is Bo all the way and has me on constant panic mode.  One of these day's I'm so afraid she's going to get hurt badly, and all because she knows to do these things when no one is close to her to stop her. 

Not so daredevil but on the strange side anyway, yesterday she tried to lick her brother's butt.  Out of the blue she starts trying to lick things and I guess he was close enough she thought hey I think I'll lick him too.  Thankfully we got her to stop before she actually licked something.

It surprises me that this little goober can think now and is beginning to tell us things.  For instance, two days ago she wanted to go outside, so she asked for her coat and shoes and socks.  All I gave her was her coat thinking she just wanted it on for kicks, so she takes off to the back door and says puppy outside go and got very upset when I said no.  While Mama was here she took Bailey to school and picked him up on Thursday and Friday, and Joss was so not happy about it.  She would all of a sudden tell me Bailey go and then point to the closet where I keep my purse and say keys, because she knew we were supposed to leave.  This girl knows and she's too damn small to be able to comprehend and put things together like this.

I have a son whose this serious little thinker, whose kind and loving but has his stubborn ornery side and a daughter who has the makings of a comedian/stunt woman who can't get enough of babies and anything sparkly.  It blows me away how different they are.  People say it all the time, each kid is different, but until you have more than one you really don't get it.  Then its like wow, where did these two people with these two crazy personalities come from.


Jodene said...

How gorgeous and what a spunky little attitude that is written all over that adorable face ;-)

Nikki said...

Thank you Jo!!