Monday, November 29, 2010

Up from my sick bed

Can I say that being sick during Thanksgiving was a bitch? 

Friday, Saturday and part of yesterday I camped out on the couch.  I felt absolutely horrible.  My chest hurt.  I couldn't stop coughing.  My nose was like niagra.  It was sad and pitiful to watch...and hear since I lost my voice.

I took some Mucinex DM, thinking it would make me feel better.  I mean that's what that stuff is meant to do right?

Wrong, oh so very very wrong!!

We figured out that was what kept me up Thursday night.  I woke up Friday and felt much better, but within an hour of taking another dose, my tongue was numb and I was as high as the ceiling. 

I couldn't move without the room spinning in three directions and I kept having shapes and bright colors swirling before my eyes.  I started panicking randomly AND my eyes were bugged out. 

I've mentioned before that I respond weirdly to meds sometimes.  But when Bo did some research, I wasn't the only one experiencing those side effects.  Talk about relief, I was terrified I'd have to go the  ER because of that shit.

My Xmas present to you, DO NOT TAKE MUCINEX DM!

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