Friday, December 24, 2010

Ah Christmas Eve

This is the first year ever, that we can remember anyway, that we've had a holiday at home.  Most years, Christmas Eve is at my parents and Christmas Day is at FIL and SMIL's house and/or MIL's, but this year everyone but FIL changed their days.  I was a bit scared to handle today, I don't know why but I had no idea what to do.

Do I cook a lot of food?

Or do I just make snacks?

Whatever I choose WTF am I going to make??

I ended up going with snacks, and an overnight stuffed french toast for today's breakfast.  I did more cooking and sherrifing two ankle biters than cleaning yesterday but at least everything was made.  And having tested almost all of it, IT'S ALL FREAKING GOOD.  I know that the next three days is going to be horrible for my ass and I am going to enjoy every minute of it because come Monday, I'm starting a new diet.  No seriously, no giggling. 

And dragging Bo along with me mwuahahaha.

This morning Jocelyn woke up a little before 7, it was still nice and dark and cozy in our bed when she began whailing.  I asked Bo to go get her, which he did cause he's awesome.  And begged all things holy that my already groggy self would sleep through her wiggles and Bo could go back to sleeping entirely undistubed.

However, all things holy had other plans.

She was not for sleeping at all.  And grunted and shifted and sniffed and sneezed and coughed.  Yeah I was so cussing like a sailer in my head.  Then we heard a shuffling and Bailey walked into the room.  He climbed in and we all cuddled up.  I think Bo and I were so exhausted from being up until midnight wrapping everything that we were stupid enough to think we'd get to go back to sleep.

We finally gave up and started the present unvailing. 

Then things started going down hill.

Bo became sick, some stomach issue that has kept him from enjoying today.  And as of now has been sleeping for the past two and a half hours. 

And Jocelyn has developed a fever and no matter what meds we give her her coughing, sneezing, draining is still there.  Poor girl.  But at least the fever goes away with meds.

Yup....not exactly the first Xmas at home I had in mind.

Merry Christmas to all!!

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