Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I really should go back and reread all my holiday posts because I swear I've been sick during holiday's every time. 

I caught the cold Bailey had.  And sadly so did Jocelyn who is so miserable it makes me want to cry.  She doesn't have a fever anymore, so that's an improvement, but her eyes are watery and swollen and she squints to see out of them.  Her nose is all runny and you can hear the drainage when she talks.  I feel more sorry for her than I feel sick, and right now I feel like shit. 

No I haven't taken her to the dr because when I took Bailey in, he basically said it's just a cold and unless it goes away then comes back with a fever and worse than the first time, it'll pass with over the counter meds.  When I mentioned she had started to get sniffly, he said the same thing about her.  I'd rather not waste another trip, but man she seems miserable.

I'm thinking I need to press rewind, and ask Santa for a sick free holiday, or at the very least cold meds that actually work for us.  At this point, there's no recouping from the holiday, we're still trying to get through being sick.

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Wicked Enchantment said...

Well, it is colder during the holiday season and people seem to spread it around quite fast hehe. That is probably why :)