Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good gravy

Yesterday was another of those days where we became bombarded by options.  It's the craziest thing that this keeps happening. 

Miss and I posted pictures and info about the land on Facebook and got all sorts of comments.  Now so far no one has said I'll take it, but people were asking questions and that's a good sign.  And according to Miss, someone she knows  is very interested.

To which I told her that this lady has two weeks to buy it from us or the offer was gone....ok so that's a lie but that would be freaking awesome if we sell it that fast.  Wouldn't it?!

Not only does Facebook appear to be a good tool for us, but BIL called yesterday to say that one of his friends is interested and wants to go see it today!  CAN YOU SAY OMFG?!?!?! 

Bo is the logical one, the calm one, the one who waits until the last possible second to get excited about things, and he's now excited, which is early for him.  He's more like, we use the key to open our new house, walk in and he's like 'YES THIS IS AWESOME LETS DO A HAPPY DANCE'.   I've been on the edge of my seat this whole time with anxiety/excitement and he's been 'if it happens it happens, which would be great, but if it doesn't we'll find something else'.  I was like 'seriously dude this is HUGE, this is MAJOR, this is FREAKING AWESOME, and I WANT THAT FUCKING HOUSE NOW' and he was like 'calm down woman you need another pill'.  But now he's finally grinning like a moron and talking about the house and what we need and how we're going to get packed and ready to move and blah blah blah.  I've finally got me a partner in the excitement circle.

Wanna hear something totally unheard of and out of character for me?  I've become OCD sidetracked about it!  Somethings wrong with me ~insert eye roll here~.  Although I have this plan forming in my head that is productive and totally needed, I have yet to do anything about it because I'm so focused on thinking of it to stop and pack.  Of course it doesn't help that we don't have that many boxes to start packing yet, and can't get any until after the holidays.  So technically I'm not behind, I'm ahead of the game....just barely. 

I'm off to make Christmas cookies, clean the house, make the cheese ball, the cream cheese roll up thingies my Mama makes, cut up the veggies.....and at some point wrap all of the gifts since we haven't wrapped  yet.  I will have Xmas music blaring, while I dance around the house in my Naughty Mrs. Claus outfit.  Anyone want to come over and help me?  I have free beer and Coconut Rum for ya!

Happy Holidays, no matter what you celebrate and if you don't, still love ya, still glad to know ya, and sending warm hugs and kisses to all!!

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