Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Dear Dr. Y.

I appreciate all that you've done for me by prescribing me happy pills.  However, I'm in dire need of something stronger.

Can you prescribe hard liquior?  Because that would be like awesome.

You see, my 5 year old son is becoming worse by the day and his teacher not only walked him to the car today to tell me of his horrible behavior the past two days but asked me to come inside to talk further.  He's misbehaving at home to the point that there's more timeout than play time and he's doing just as terrible at school to his teachers.  He's disrupting class, he's arguing and talking back to teachers as well as singing and humming when the teacher is talking.  His teacher has told me many times she's not sure what else to do to get him to stop.

The sad part is, I've told her the same thing and we've tried everything short of taking away his food and chaining him to the timeout chair 24/7.  Nothing is working on getting his behavior under control.

So please, if you could prescribe something that will make me happy and loopy enough to handle this new personality that has taken overy my once obedient and happy child, I would deeply appreciate it. You may want to throw in a prescription for my hubby and my son's teacher as well.



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Draft Queen said...

Aww. It's probably just a phase, but I know that me saying that doesn't help you figure out what to do. He must be upset about something to be acting out this way since he hasn't ever before. Or maybe he has a classmate that eggs him on? Whatever the cause, I hope he cuts it out so you can have your obedient little guy back soon!