Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good news in the making

So I've been sitting on my hands with my mouth duct taped shut to keep me from blabbing the happenings around here.

AND NOW I'M FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so for the most part anyway.

We put an offer on Savannah last week and after a few rounds of negotiations...THEY FUCKING ACCEPTED.


Deep breath.

All we have left at this point is to sell the land.  We've taken the price down a lot, and are willing to have a loss on it just to get rid of it.

So anyone looking for 5 acres of gorgeous land to build on in NE Oklahoma, let me know k?

I've already told Miss and Jodene we'll be whoring ourselves out until we sell it.  That means hounding all of our friends and family and anyone we know to buy it or to help us buy it ASAP. 

What will we be doing with the house we're in now?  Well renting it to our brother of course.  We did TONS of math and every scenario we could think of and we have found a way to make that work.  It's not our favorite option, but it gets us out from under this house and the land and into one hell of a house.  After a year he has the option of buying, and if he can't we'll figure it out then.

We have until the end of March to get it sold or our offer expires, as long as no one puts in an offer on this house between now and then anyway.  But we learned that the owner has been trying to sell it off and on since 2008.  It's in that price range where no one is buying because it's more than they can afford.  And if they can afford it there's others just a little bit more expensive that's bigger, newer and with many more bells and whistles so it's just sitting there.  Which is awesome for us, mwuahaha.

If anyone thinks of looking at this house I'll hunt you down and make your life miserable because it's mine I tell you.  MINE.

Now, I'm off to make myself a few cocktails and dance naked around my yard in a celebration dance.....chakka chakkka chaaaa

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