Sunday, January 23, 2011


Saturday our house was filled with family.  And the little girl that was the center of the party, was more interested in the balloons than anything else.

Oh yeah and the presents.

Only after the boys opened them for her.

And the cake.

Oh the cake was awesome.  Chocolaty sweet goodness.

Remind me next time though, to take the photos myself.  Cause Bo didn't get near enough of them, and not enough good ones.

Sorry Bo, still love ya anyway.

I think the best one taken, was of our nephew, Hoss....

Sorry little man, Aunt Nikki couldn't help'll understand someday.

And now the house, that we did get clean by the way, is a mess...surprise surprise.  We just collapsed yesterday after everyone left, leaving everything for today.  Today we got up exhausted, and trudged off to my parents for lunch as our usual Sunday activity.  We skipped groceries and the cleaning again today...well I have, I'm DONE.  Bo can clean up if he so wishes.  I on the other hand, am going to cuddle on the couch in my jammies, and turn in early.

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