Monday, January 24, 2011

Ode to a nut ball.

Today, dear Jocelyn, you turned 2.  I know you are confused about this, since everyone was going on and on about your birthday a few days ago.  But today is THE day you were born.  THE day you came out of my belly and into this bright, crazy world.

Before you were born, I knew you'd be a something else.  You did your own thing even then.  Whenever my midwife asked me where I felt you last, I'd tell her, and you'd be somewhere else.  You'd flip flop in my stomach as if doing gymnastics from early on.  I just had this feeling, you were going to be a flying by the seat of your pants person.

And so far, I was right.

You do the craziest, cutest things, it just melts everyone around you.  Yet in a split second, you can give this ornery, up to no good look, and dive into trouble with a contagious giggle.  It makes it hard disciplining you.  You're too damn cute and too smart about what you do to be mad.

But you are fabulous at distracting those around you....and keeping us from doing things we need to be doing.

As sad as I am that you are my last munchkin, I am so excited to see you grow and see what new adventures you'll bring to this family. 

Like potty training, which is on your agenda now.  Hopefully the next time you pee in the toilet it won't scare you to death.

This year you've learned how to walk, and run, to speak, to play and make believe, you've discovered bubbles and balloons and pizza.  You've developed your own taste in things, and discovered SHOES and SPARKLY girly things...and squeal whenever you see them and babies..OMG babies are your kryptonite. 

This year is going to be amazing, Jocelyn!

Mama loves you, as does anyone who comes in sight of you, my beautiful girl

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