Sunday, January 02, 2011

How's my ass look from back there?

Our little idea of Bailey being good to work up to a prize has been fairly successful.  Yeah he still has his moments, all kids do, but he's doing better about listening.

Although we still need to work on him controlling his emotions, the boy is as dramatic as a superstar.

Anywho, the first goal he sat for himself was bowling, and he earned it.  Woohoo.  Today we finally have the time to do it.

Bo was in a bowling league for years, so we've spent plenty of time playing with our big balls.  You'd think after all those years and time, I'd have learned how to bowl.  Alas, it is a sport and sports hate me.

But I can do a mean granny shot.  My excuse now is that someone has to show the kids how to do it.  I mean granny shots is the t-ball of bowling.

Just ignore the fact that I'm almost 30, cannot bowl the right way without bumpers and prefers to granny shot it like a toddler.

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