Sunday, January 02, 2011

Someone did their math wrong

Today has been, well, nuts is a good word for it.  But good nuts.  Sweet nuts.  Tasty nuts...ok sorry sidetracked already.

We'll get to the funny details of our bowling trip in a bit, but right now I want to tell you the most important part.  BIL barely beat me. What's that? Oh yeah, girl who can rarely get a strike (who did today by the way), plays best with bumpers and getting over 100 is a good game, was only 4 pins shy of beating his ass! Yeah can we get a whoop whoop? I got 112 and he got 116! So not only did I have an awesome game when I haven't played in a year AND had a toddler helping me for most of the game, I almost beat Mr. Bigshotthinksheshotshit. I don't know about you but that warrants a drinking party in my book.
Ok so today was a huge mish mash family affair, part of Bo's family and mine, minus my Daddy who was too sick to go.

I don't know what was the funniest part but the kids totally won the show.  Jocelyn was determined to bowl like the big people.  She wanted to hold it one handed, and once she pushed the ball she threw her little arms in the air like everyone else.  It was the cutest damn thing, and that's not because she's my wildcat.  She was also very determined to help everyone bowl, so Bo and his brother ended up carrying her every few frames. After every shot she clapped and cheered and the huge smile she had was contagious.  I also let her help me, and we are not going to discuss the fact that she hit more pins than I did, in the beginning of the game.  BIL's little boy is going on 4, and watching that little squirt try desperately to toss the ball down the lane only to have it move so slowly we were afraid it would get stuck, was hilarious.  Somehow it never did stop but my gravy it was slow.  Then there was Bailey and his funny stances he'd take after he tossed the ball.  And when I say toss, I do mean toss, he practically threw the damn thing.  THUNK.  He'd hunker down with his butt sticking out to the side, his head cocked to the side, and his hands in this weird praying mantis configuration, I think we all had tears as he stood there watching the ball go down the lane.  BIL's girlfriend,s son, phew mouthful there, was pretty cute too, he was ready to bowl and was on the edge of his seat asking if it was his turn yet.  And once it was he'd ask again, as he was carrying the ball up to the lane, almost every single turn.  So yeah, between these three, we were all giggling and enjoying the show.

But our day didn't stop there, we had errands to run and when we got back home a very messy house to clean.

Here's the weird part, I'm tired and would love nothing better than to go to bed fully dressed with my makeup and shoes on, but I'm still moving.  I have more things to do and although I don't want to, I know I can get it done, even this tired.

That is messed up every which way folks.

There are days I start out so exhausted getting dressed seems like too much, and it's a struggle to do anything and I end up doing practically nothing.  But today, we've been rushing almost the whole time and I'm really really tired, and yet it's not as hard getting things done.

Maybe I'm more tired than I can think right now, but that makes ZERO sense to me.  I'm yawning, it's tough to keep my eyes open, yet right this very second I know what I'm going to get up and go do and what I'll do once that's finished and so on until it's done.  And I'm oddly ok with it, I'm not dreading it, I'm not fighting or avoiding it.  I want to get it done.

I think one of those throws must have knocked my last screw lose, cause this is soooo not me.

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